17th – 21th of July 2024 (Larp starts 22.00 Wednesday night – finishes on Saturday at midnight, Sunday is clean-up).

Check-in is from Tuesday afternoon onwards.
LARP starts on Wednesday at 22:00 and finishes on Saturday 24:00 (or when the horn/bell sounds).
Check-out is on Sunday 9-15h.
You can already arrive earlier on Sunday or Monday if you like, but you have to pay for camping (see fee´s)  


Hästekasen Gård, 100 km north of Gothenburg (Göteborg).
Address: Hästekasvägen 6, Uddevalla


Parking fee: 5 euro for the whole period & 5 euro extra for trailer or caravan/campervan.
Stay possible only between Tuesday and Sunday. Or extended stay: Sunday to Monday after the larp.

Note: the last stretch of the road is a 400 meter simple road so drive carefully with “low” cars.


Nearest airport: Landvetter Gothenburg airport (take airport bus to the city: Gothenburg Central, 12€)
Nearest train: Gothenburg Central (no better options)
Nearest bus station: Bokenäs skola, 5 km from the LARP area, pick up: 6 euro (including both arrival and departure).

Bus from Goteborg: from the Gothenburg central station take the local bus 841 (direction Lysekil, 12 euro). It usually leaves from the Nils Ericson Terminal, and get off at the stop called Bokenäs skola. Alternatively you can use Flixbus or other busses to station Uddevalla TORP then again take the local bus 841 (direction Lysekil) to Bokenäs skola. This is the nearest bus station and is 5km from the LARP area. Pick up from the bus station for a 6€ fee (including both arrival and departure).

The venue

The host of the event is the Hastekasen Farm association (HFA). We work together with Mondiala entertainment and the Gimle player association.

Hastekasen is a living eco-community where people live year round doing such things as natural building and small-scale farming with some animals. There are a lot of nature and adventure activities happening here and we are also doing some Erasmus+ activities as well as receiving volunteers through the EU-ESC system.

The Gimle LARP is the biggest event of the year for HFA and lots of our activities happening in the rest of the year are a preparation for this great collaborative game. We see it as a festivity of adventure, social experiment, acting, music, dancing, handicraft, enjoyment of nature and enjoyment of storytelling.

The location is on the west coast of Sweden, close to the sea. The farm has 12 hectares of property and a 100 hectare forest on the side.


The area is divided into an OFF game area with the main house and many sheds (which we live in) and a social food garden. There are some fields and sheep.


The IN game area is about 7 hectare and it contains rocky hills, grassy fields, forest and a few ponds. But most importantly of all, it contains around 20 structures that create the Gimle fantasy lands. 

It starts with the village of Gimleby (contains farmers and blacksmith’s and handicraft area, fire dungeon, Viking hall, tavern, storage at the Merchant’s, etc.) and continues up the road past the Northfield, the famous Nana’s Academy and the battlefield into the area where other factions set up their camps. All were built with an intention of looking medieval (or at least pre 1800´s) and enrich the fantasy world that comes alive every July.


Every player is responsible for solving their own sleeping arrangements.

The adventurous and dedicated larpers often choose to sleep in the IN-game area itself – thus being prepared to join the ongoing game at any point. And other players prefer to camp outside of the game area and thus be able to enter the game at their own convenience and enjoy the full luxury of modern items. Both are good, so choose whichever you find more attractive.


If you want the full experience our LARP game has to offer, you can decide to sleep IN-game. There is a special feeling to waking up and hearing the fantasy world living around you, seeing it immediately upon stepping out of your tent. It is quick to join the game at any moment you desire because it is happening all around you.

But don’t worry – if you need a moment for yourself (and a walk in the woods does not do it for you) you can always enter your tent and take a break from the game – because ALL accommodation TENTS are considered an OFF area (and often marked with the special symbol) so no one will enter them in-character. If you have any OFF items make sure they are not visible from outside!

If you want to sleep IN these are your options:

  1. Bring your own tent
    You need to arrange a tent that looks IN and fits into a medieval/fantasy land. Space might be limited so talk to us before bringing it.
  2. Rent a place in the shared IN-tent (needs to be pre-booked)
    We can offer shared IN-tents in the following camps (meaning you need to be a part of that faction). A place in a tent costs 35 euro for 5 nights (and 10 euro for any extra nights). It includes a place in a shared tent and a camping mattress on the ground besides others. You must bring a sleeping bag, hopefully a discreet colored one, if it is seen from the outside.
    • Gimleby village 10 places
    • Griffin (kingdom of Westmark) 6 places
    • Baldersheim (Norse) 6 places
    • Golden Empire 6 places
    • Shadow Rangers 6 places
  3. Rent a small tipi tent (1-2 people)
    Renting the small tipi tent that houses 1-2 people costs 50 euro for 5 nights. It can be placed in any camp but has to be booked in advance. Only a limited amount of tents is available.
  4. Tavern-inn
    If there is a bigger need for renting sleeping places we might be able to create an IN-character that runs a tavern-inn. We have to know this far in advance.


If you want the peace normal camping offer, then sleeping OFF-game is a good choice. Keeping track of the game events is a bit harder but you gain the possibility of entering the game at your own convenience and in your own time.

But don’t worry – if you wake up early enough you will not miss much of the game at all!

If you want to sleep OFF these are your options:

  1. Bring your own tent/trailer
    You can bring any type of a tent or even a trailer. You can set it up on the field in the south of the farm, next to the small parking area. It may be hot, but you can seek shadow in the corners of the field. Same terms apply for camping-vans, but we CAN NOT guarantee room for such big vehicles.

    Off tenting is FREE from Tuesday to Sunday, any extra days will have a fee.

    Here you will find: a dry toilet, water from a 1000 liter water tank (not drinkable), some firewood that can be found in the area, the path to the sea (800m away, 15 min walk) and sheep. If there will be no fire-ban this year, you may make a fire. Create a circle of stones, put gravel in the bottom and have a bucket of water nearby.

  2. Rent a place in the shared OFF-tent
    If there is a bigger need for renting sleeping places we might be able to set up a shared tent in the OFF-game area. We have to know this far in advance.

 Sanitation & Health

No showers.. use the sea! It is only 800 meters away.
Believe it or not… but a lot of players on a fantasy adventure LARP in nature do not shower during the larp! It may be full summer and very hot and you may run and fight. You may sweat but it’s really not that awful (as it may sound). If you need to clean your body the sea is only 800m away – which means you get to enjoy the Swedish seaside after only a 15 minute walk! Welcome to the medieval times!

Wash your hands often!
We do have 4 water stations. They should be used only for dishwashing and cleaning hands. When using them be very careful with that water because it is all we have and in the summer we can not fill them back up.

Need clean sweet water for health reasons?
Water for drinking is always available at the pipe under the Red House. If you need clean water for other things due to health reasons, we will grant you access. But we can not do that for many people.


The area has many toilets, 4 of them in the IN-game area. Please use those instead of shitting in the forest. Peeing in the forest is allowed but not in the ponds (its our drinking water system).

Dry toilets look like a normal toilet and have no smell. You must make sure you aim right and clean after yourself. Do not clog the pee hole, clean it if needed (get a stick?). They are simple to use. Clean your hands afterwards. This is a topic we as an eco-village care a lot about. Messing up a dry toilet may be reason enough to exclude you from the LARP.

Dry toilets have: toilet paper, soap, water, towel, anti infectant as well as condoms and menstruation pads (last two only in the Gimleby village where you can also find an electric light).

If you need detailed instructions:

  1. Sit down like a true royalty
  2. Aim for the appropriate holes (hard to miss, no worries)
  3. Use toilet paper
  4. If pooping, grab some of the straw/sawdust afterwards and toss it carefully into the pooping hole
  5. Do not put anything plastic in the toilet because we can not recycle it (like menstruation pads or hand wipers)
  6. If anything falls where you pee, it is your duty to clean it out (otherwise it will clog and we will have to deal with it).
  7. Clean your hands!

Eating & drinking

Rule: NO ALCOHOL in the LARP. People who have drunk anything with alcohol are not allowed to join the game!
Rule: You are not allowed to expose any OFF items in the game area at ANY TIME. Do not litter and clean up after yourself.


You can order a glass of drinking water at the taverns (it is free, but be ready to pay a copper or two of IN game money). Or fill up your drinking bottles below the red house in the OFF area (if you plan to use it IN-game it must look appropriate). Avoid dehydration!

For washing hands and dishes water can be found in the big tanks standing in the area – be very careful with that water because it is all we have and in the summer we can not fill them back up.

Non-alcoholic drinks can be bought in one of the IN-game taverns. Last year we had quite a selection for a medieval setting!


You can bring your own food and cook it over an open fire while IN-game or at your OFF-camp (if fires are allowed this year). If you are cooking IN-game remember it must look very convincing! No plastic and no modern food.

Alternatively, you can also buy food in one of the LARP taverns and enjoy the social play a medieval fantasy tavern has to offer! This can only be done IN, while you are in your role. Would advise against eating in camps you are not on friendly terms with.

A meal will cost between 4-7 euro and will have vegetarian and vegan options. If you have any other dietary needs it’s safer to bring your own food. We will have 2-3 taverns, most likely:

  • Gimleby tavern
  • Westmark tavern
  • Baldersheim Norse camp
  • and some snacks at the Lonely tavern.

Advice: bring lots of IN-looking snacks to the larp and an IN-looking water bottle with 0.5-1 liter size. Avoid dehydration!


You CAN NOT buy food or drinks with real money (eg. Euro, Swedish Krona, phone or card). You CAN only buy food or drinks with food money (F-Coins). We have 2 currencies:

  • FOOD MONEY – these coins have real value and can NOT be stolen. Buy them with real money at the merchant. They are stamped with the F sign (meaning food).
  • IN-GAME MONEY – these red colored coins are game money meaning they can be stolen and that you are able to buy things like services or snacks from other players. They are marked RED (like everything else that can be stolen).

We suggest you buy food coins 2 times: once at registration and once again during the game.

Equipment & costume

Two of the most important aspects you need to figure out before coming to the LARP. You need to make sure that your costume & equipment fits the appearance of the chosen faction. In Gimle it is mandatory for each faction to have its own distinctive look. At least 2 good reasons are that:

  • you can easily see which faction someone belongs to
  • it helps with immersion because it creates the illusion of a big and diverse world

For a guide on costumes read your faction descriptions here: LINK
For rules on weapons see here: LINK


You will be able to buy LARP-stuff from the Mondiala Entertainment store by pre-paying and getting it delivered to the LARP or by buying some of it on-site. Take a look:

If you are a group creating your own faction (which requires at least 7 players) you need to have your own look. We work together with Mondiala so we can help you get a better deal.

RENTING (needs to be pre-booked)

You can rent some equipment from Mondiala if you need to, check the Register page for more info or their website (as mentioned above) to see their stock (needs to be booked in advance and you need to contact them to let them know what you want).


We do not ever want to see your mobile phone in the game area, because it will destroy the immersion for others. If you need to check something, be very discrete about it. Break this rule and you may have to leave the LARP.

Do not bring your pets.

Bring your handicraft & music. But all tools and instruments must be IN (medieval/fantasy like).
If you are unsure as to whether a tool/instrument is IN or not, it’s best to contact the organizers or ask in the facebook group.( No guitars!


Adventure larping in nature, day and night, while camping… is risky. To move in nature, maybe run and fight… can be dangerous for you. Especially in darkness. You can get hurt. Nature can be hard, sharp. Move with focus and care. Do not expect anything to be safe – investigate it first. You CAN get hurt.

We will have a safety team on site – you will get their contact upon the introductory workshop.

If you need transport to the hospital and an ambulance is not coming, we have limited ability to drive you there. But rest assured that if the ambulance is not coming, that only means it is not as urgent as you might think. We are used to dealing with accidents of many kinds our adventure filled the eco-village. We could however drive you to the hospital when a driver is available, but we will have to charge you for it (50 euro).

But as usual, the best help is prevention so take a look at some resources that we have prepared for you:

How to keep LARP fighting safe: LINK
How to safely handle fire and camp fires: LINK
How to remove a tick: LINK


To ensure trust and safety among our players we have Gimle Safety Design:

Transparency of Content, Rules and Vision – managing expectations

We are making Gimle LARP all about choosing your own experience, which also means managing expectations. So take the time and read content-related information about Gimle, its rules, mechanics and disclaimers, LARP pictograms, lore, storyline, faction descriptions etc. Check if this experience suits you, so you know what to expect. It’s absolutely understandable that not every genre or rules must be liked. Choose consciously your own experience.

Tailored Empowerment

Gimle is a community-based LARP, which means we & players care for and empower each other. Before the game we offer support with character creation, designing personal development goals, group bonding and pre-game workshops. After the game we offer de-roling, debriefing and online space for bonding within the Gimle community (FB group and Discord).

Safety System

Gimle has its own Safety & Calibration system which includes the Art of Asking – consent negotiations, signs (OFF, OK check-in, regulating …) and specific mechanics for things like intimacy and fight. We employ this in order to empower players in choosing their own experience. During the game there is a Safety Team (also including an IN-game character) and areas (Sanctuaries) which you can visit to get support (IN-game: that is the Nana’s Hut at the Academy, OFF-game: the whole OFF area including the main Red house, the fireplace, garden and yoga circle).

For detailed descriptions go to the section EMOTIONAL SAFETY.

GIMLE CORONA POLICY (not active now)

We ask you to follow the basic sanitary precautions: wash your hands often (with soap) especially before handling any sort of food or beverage and after using the toilet. For extra safety we strongly advise using hand disinfectant.

If someone develops symptoms we have enough space to be able to isolate them for a while.

This information may be updated before the LARP depending on how the situation develops.

OFF area
Main tavern – food cocked over open fire
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