Welcome to GIMLE fantasy LARP world.
Watch out! The adventure is right behind the corner.

Gimle is a low fantasy international community-based LARP happening deep in Swedish nature. Established in 2016 it is run by a group of passionate LARP designers and players developing its lore, rules and mechanics year after year.

Experience LARPing at its best. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

Explore the world of Gimle and find a perfect place for you, your family and friends.

Next Gimle dates are July 17-21 2024

Enjoy the Swedish nature, meet Vikings or orcs, maybe even elves! Get lost in the Maze, win a battle, solve an intrigue, and relax in one of 3 and a half inns after a long, busy day.

The king, jarls, mages, priestess and inhabitants of the remotest corners of Western Shores are waiting for you!

Let yourself experience a real adventure this summer.

Become a part of the Gimle community

Get to know factions, rules, mechanics and become one of us!

Expect the adventure

Do you want to fight on the battlefield? Or maybe getting involved in political intrigue?
How about becoming a resident of a peaceful village? With little help from us, you’ll create your own experience. 


Feel free to explore, experience, enjoy

Gimle LARP annually attracts up to 250 players.
Among them are solo players, whole families, experienced LARPers and beginners for whom this is their first game.

LARPing can be an unforgettable experience. For it to become such, we all follow the rules.
Learn them now and ensure the best game for yourself and other players.

Costumes needed – bring, buy or rent
No physical contact without consent
The game may contain scenes of violence involving the players

Why should you come to Gimle LARP?

See what awaits you this summer

  • 3.5 full days of game,
  • more than 200 co-players,
  • permanent infrastructures – camps, towers, gates,
  • strong group identity and objectives,
  • inclusive & respectful atmosphere,
  • 7 hectares of Swedish nature and…
  • mysteries, intrigues and tasks that only you can face!

Join over 1250 players
who took part in Gimle LARP over the last 8 years

Thanks for an awsome larp. I think it was my best so far and I’ve been larping over 10 years.
Jordar of the Orcs
I love what you are doing! Gimle is probably some of the best days of my year! It’s amazing. Thank you!
Teo of the Baldersheim
I asked my group, and we all agree this was the most fun we had on a swedish fantasy larp.
Fredrik of the Griffins
Thanks to everyone involved that made my first larp a really special and great experience 🙂
Maja of the Wolvenshields
I loved this LARP. These people are a family for me and I will return to Hästekasen as long as I can.
Kadri of the Shadow Rangers
My home away from home
Samuel of the Dangafyr


  1. When is the next Gimle LARP?
    17-21 July 2024
  2. Can I NOT be a part of a group?
    No, because Gimles unique characteristics is recognizable groups and players. You can read about factions HERE.
  3. Can I play a bounty hunter?
    No, there are no wanted people. But! We suggest you join Gimleby Guards that has to track people.
  4. Can I use magic?
    You can if you are an approved magician. You can become one in the Academy faction.
  5. Can I get a pick-up?
    Yes, but only from Bokenas Skola. The fee is 4 Euros.
  6. Can I pay with Swish?
    No, please pay to our bank account before coming. But! We will have Swish during the LARP to buy our food currency.
  7. Can I buy “special food” in the Gimle area?
    We have 3 inns that serve food. There is a variety of food – mostly vegetarian, but also meat. If you look around you can find gluten-free or vegan, but we can not promise it. 

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