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“Knowledge is Power. Balance is the Key. All Magic comes with a price.”

Academy is active and open, but with limited places as we want to keep that group exclusive

Personality/vibe of the group:
a group of scholars and mages running Gimle Academy where knowledge and the secret wisdom is stored, kept safe, developed and passed to new apprentices. Sworn to keep balance in Gimle and protect it from the Dark Forces.

Medieval Universities with Alchemy Faculty, Aretuza in The Witcher, Avalon from Mists of Avalon, Citadel in GOT, Ursula Le Guin Earthsea’s Roke Island,

Colors, costume & visual traits:
Black and white robes, capes, dresses, hoods, books, feathers, maps, staffs, jewelry, amulets and talismans, some extravagant traits and gadgets (eg. smoky eyes or rune tattoo)

officially mixed as each member comes from different family/nation/faction and is allowed to keep their religion; unofficially unknown, as they teach theory about all Gimle religions and beliefs and support or supervise their rituals, respecting all the gods and spirits, old and new, and some which are unknown, claiming that all are a manifestation of the eternal source which is hidden from simple minds, call it gods’ intervention, miracle or magic, for Academy all  connected and rooted in . In short they believe in Balance, for common folk it looks like animism, for others more like science, but eventually all end up in Magic.

IN leader: Pati playing Nanna The White Witch, and each year different Archdruid who is official rector of the Academy

Expected playstyles: scholar, magic play, political, social, rituals, chanting, music,

Possible roles Maester/Maestress of:

  • Astronomy and Astrology
  • Geography and Cartography
  • History
  • Herbology
  • Politics and Diplomacy
  • Divination
  • Religions and Rites
  • Necromancy
  • Enchantments
  • Music Magic
  • Apprentices

Political structure:
Map: places Academy, Nanna’s and Nifelheim, vaguely connected with The Burnt Island

Last year’s events: 

  • Academy members as advisors for each faction supervising their rituals
  • Hosted the Meetings of Ambassadors at the Council Circle
  • Recharged mana of other magicians by collecting blue stones from them
  • Taught other factions’ magicians new spells
  • Managed to collect 4 millions for building the Portal, preparing to look for I
  • Defeated the Dark Prince Eneth, Drow Elf, son of Satariel himself

Current challenges:

  • here are signs in the Nature that the Balance was disturbed, people were too greedy using magic and artefacts for their own purposes and not only to protect themselves from the Dark Forces
  • there are less and less magical stones appearing the lands of Gimle, blue, white and dark stones are becoming rare and therefore it’s harder to recharge mana, there are rumors that Gimle magic is fading


Academy functions like a training temple school for scholars, medics, healers, alchemists, druids, mages and everybody who craves knowledge, also the secret one. It is divided into two parts – the main school and the temple where Nanna The White Witch resides.

The Academy is a place where the lore (secret wisdom) is stored, kept safe, developed and passed to new apprentices.

Permanent dwellers in the Academy are maesters (they can be druids, mages etc.) and apprentices (young druids). Female form of maester is maestress. The most powerful ones are rumored to get their apprentiship on The Burnt Island.

Maesters are masters in their fields practicing their professions and teaching the newcomers and locals, both common folk and nobles. Some came from other Academies from distant lands, others were born in Gimle in one of its noble families or Gimleby village and went through many years of apprenticeship. They have their own individual goals and desires, not always agreeing with each other. Some are kind-hearted, some are not. Some are favoring certain houses, especially if they originated from them, some value the most friendship with the Elves. Yet some are wild and unpredictable and nobody knows in which direction their hearts beat stronger. Still, they are bound and extremely loyal to the Academy as they understand its purpose, which is greater than personal disagreements. All of them have power and wisdom, and yet all are vulnerable.

However the Academy is a neutral place where every house can send a young apprentice to learn astronomy, herbology, natural medicine, philosophy, mythology, religions, politics, history, geography and on the highest level – magic.

But as magic is creating unbalance in the world it is scarcely used and taught only on the highest level to few chosen ones.

Every religion (Spirituals, Deomodron, Old Gods etc.) is respected there. Maesters and apprientices can be hired to perform, support or supervise the rituals. They are mostly occupied with healing, schooling and gathering knowledge. Fight only when it is inevitable and mostly only with Dark Forces to protect humans. Together with the representatives of other groups they are preparing a Full Moon Ritual. The maesters are keeping the net of informants and are eager to pay for every bit of new knowledge.

Storytellers, musicians, eremites and wanderers are always welcomed there as they bring new stories, art and culture to the school.

Learning for outsiders during the day costs silver, night learning costs gold.

Academy Song


Academy has a 3 staged approach to solving problems. If they occur, then try to solve it with knowledge and wisdom – trying to show facts, historical context, logical approach, cause and effects to all the parties.  If that fails, then try cunningness and artful intrigue, using oratory and negotiation skills to guide your adversaries into the desired direction. If those methods are not successful then you are allowed to defend yourself and use physical force, that’s why all the academy members should also learn basic self-defense.

And if that is not enough, then only as the last resource, use magic.

Summing up
If Academy members face with a challenge they must approach it first by using:

  1. Knowledge and Wisdom
  2. Cunning mind and Artful Intrigue
  3. Defense and Physical Force

And only as a last resource and only in an utmost need – MAGIC.


  1. The Mission of Power
    Knowledge is power. You crave for knowledge and would do everything to get more and more of it. You constantly learn, collect old books and wisdom, make experiments and rituals, advise nation leaders, lead councils, negotiate and keep a watchful eye on politics. Be aware as it may possess you to the point where your mind becomes blurred and your heart darkens in desire for too much control over mundane matters and earthly possessions.
  2. The Mission of Protecting Gimle from Dark Forces
    With great power comes great responsibility. The forces of Borgoth, Camorah and Elanthir are threatening the region of Gimle and its inhabitants. You swore to give your life to protect Gimle from their darkness. Nevertheless, they are fascinating and their power tempting as it opens the gates to higher magic and endless possibilities. If you don’t keep the balance between light and darkness inside you, you might get corrupted.
  3. The Mission of Balance
    Balance is the key. All magic comes with a price. The main purpose of the Academy is to keep the Balance. This is your true mission. Balance of power in the region of Gimle between fighting nations. Balance between the Races. Balance of Nature between humans and the environment. Balance of Magic regulating and restricting usage of magic which is overused by local shamans, priests and not associated druids.


GREEN Path for regular folks: herbalism, religions and rites, hygiene, music and dance
BLUE Path for nobles: politics and diplomacy, geography, history, religions and rites, music,
SILVER Path for prospective mages: paths I and II, plus astronomy and astrology, herbology healing, divination, music, enchantment, necromancy, religions and rites, elven high magic,



  • basic herbs recognition
  • what is the specific herb for (tummy ache, good sleep, etc.)
  • brewing herbal teas

Religions and rites

  • basic knowledge about religions
  • more rites than knowledge about religions
  • religious customs


natural cosmetics

  • overthrowing superstitions
  • basic rules of hygiene

Music and dance

  • folk songs – singing
  • folk dances – learning basic dances

Politics and diplomacy:


  • mediation
  • rhetorics
  • strategy

Geography and Cartography

  • map reading
  • knowledge of regions of Gimle and beyond


  • chronicles of Gimle
  • noble house family tree (lessons at cemetery)

Religions and rites

  • Old Gods
  • Animists
  • Ancestral
  • others

Music and dance

  • song about nobles, ballades
  • dance music types – recognising
  • allemande, contredanse, pavane – learning to dance
  • bowing and courtesy

Paths for prospective mages

Astronomy and astrology

  • reading night sky (check what is visible in Sweden in July)
  • navigating through sky – following a star and knowing which direction it is
  • zodiac – knowing the signs, planets connected with signs depending on when you were born, compatibility of signs, etc.

Herbology, remedies and healing

advanced knowledge about herbs

  • how to mix herbs
  • how to make healing remedies




  • runes
  • signs from nature
  • dream reading, symbolism

Music magic

  • music for rituals
  • improvising melody for rituals (scales and sounds)
  • music spells, magical belssing – wishing someone wellbeing, health


  • rules of magic in Gimle
  • 4 cardinal spells and curses (healing, pain, blindness, shockwave)


  • talking with dead
  • rituals to conjure dead/ghosts

Religion and rites

  • facilitating rites such as weddings, funerals, sacred oaths, sacrifices
  • the nature of miracles

Elven high magic

  • taught by Elves


  • brewing healing, truth, poison, antidote potions


One may become an apprentice in the Academy, but must go through all the paths to get access to wielding magic. There is a system of apprenticeship in the Academy:

  • LEVEL 1 General or under one maester to get the specialization, living outside the Academy, and being a member of other faction, only attending certain classes and paths at the Academy
  • LEVEL 2 General or under one maester to get the specialization living in the Academy
  • LEVEL 3 General or under one maester to get the specialization living in the Academy, after accomplishing the Rite of Passage, getting New Name and able to perform at least one spell

Last year special functions of Academy:

  • Teaching the factions magicians new spells Collect 10 white stones from them and teach them Blindness, collect 10 black stones from them and teach them Shockwave or Pain. They all know the healing spell from the start.
  • Advise a faction who will accept an academy advisor (if there are more factions then members of the academy one member can advise two factions if all factions choose to accept an academy advisor)
  • Recharge the mana of other magicians (most convenient is if you recharge the mana of the faction that you are assigned to) Collect one blue stone to recharge the mana of a magician.
  • Witness the “Battlefield Ritual” of a faction and whisper a number between 1 and 10 when the ritual is complete. If the factions has done their outmost and had what they needed to do the ritual and it was not over too quickly then whisper a number between 5 and 10 depending on how impressed you were. If you whisper 4 or lower the ritual fails and you should do so if they did not commit to the ritual at all or it got interrupted or was very short. (most convenient is if you witness the rituals of the faction that you are assigned to) Remember to collect the blue stones after the ritual is complete if the ritual is successful (it will be either 5 or 10 blue stones)
  • Host the Meeting of Ambassadors at the Ambassadors Circle every day at 15:00. Act as moderators and make sure the meeting does not drag on too long.


1. What tools of magic do the academy practitioners use, and are there tools everyone must have that are their own?Examples: wands, staves, athame (ritual only dagger), incence, crystals, bones, music intruments, E.T.C. 
We don’t use wands, but some of us have staffs (simple ones from Epic Armory), but they are not needed to perform magic as usually we do it by hand. Like mages at Aretuza in the Witcher, or mages from Roke Island in Ursula Le Guin Earthsea, or as it is in Mists of Avalon. We do not have to channel the magic through objects as we are the vessels and if we are weak we recharge ourselves by blue stones which can be found in the forest (they glow in the darkness). As for just creating a cool vibe, mages through the years were using many props according to their specialization (so runes, crystals, herbs, daggers, sacred books, amulets etc)

2. Even if the Academy dont go looking for trouble, does not mean trouble wont find the academy. Should I bring a Larp weapon?
Yes. As the Academy has sworn to protect Gimle from Dark Forces any time when Dark Elves, Drows or Orcs are appearing, the Academy is obliged to fight. Also sometimes it happens that it’s attacked by some other faction, eg. by Wolves over the possession of the sacred land of Nifelheim. Sometimes they choose to join some other faction in a fight to keep the balance – but it always has a rule – joining the weaker (without consideration of whose is right cause and whose not, they don’t care about morals or righteousness, just want to keep the Balance, as there should be place in Gimle for all the human nations, doesn’t matter if they are good or wrong, and anyway who can judge what is right and wrong, better to keep both). Also check our 3 methods toward facing problems.

3. Should I leave FX items like smoke pills, flash paper etc at home? 
All smoke effects are very welcomed! Smoke bombs, pellets, powders, anything. Take them with you!

4. I have a idea that “the law of surprise” is a thing I want to Invoke/use in my character. I don’t expect to get any more children, perhaps a potato? I just like the concept. Would this be acceptable? (example of a Surprise contract “give me that which you already have but do not know”.)
Each maester in the Academy has their own path, coming from another Academy in distant lands or from one of Gimle noble families, so they can have their own destiny and secrets. Law of Surprise is very cool to play with. In the past Nanna was accused of using it for taking by force talented children to be apprentices in the Academy, and half of them died before becoming a maester. So yup, go for it!

5. Do dragons exist in any form? Physically, conceptually, or spiritually? (asking for a “friend”, Not really just having ideas)
Believe us or not but Gimle is a low fantasy larp 🙂  So only scarce magic and specified races (orks, different kind elves), and generally no half-breeds. So we don’t have dragons, but of course one can make narrations about them, for example, there were rumors about the dragons in the Golden Empire, that the Empress is looking for the eggs, but nobody believes that they actually exist.

6. By the principle of this worlds magic, that nothing is free. And by altering the world with magic, it causes a reaction, reflection or drainage somewhere else. How common is it that the cost of doing magic befalls the practitioner of formentioned magic craft, or someone/somewhere else? Can one attempt to “control” the metaphorical scales of balance with a sacrifice?
Only around 10% of all the participants can use magic, which is limited to only 4 spells. Magicians also have limitations as their mana is fading by using spells and they are becoming exhausted, so they can perform only 4 spells per day (one of each kind) and 4 spells by night. That rule was set to keep the balance. And even Academy members are using them only when in utmost need as they know that somewhere it creates unbalance -for example, if they are healing, it means that somewhere maybe in Alataria a person, animal or plant is getting sick, if they use a shock wave it means that somewhere it creates storms, earth shakes etc. Village witches, shamans, priests, oracles rarely recognise the need for Balance and have a tendency to use magic for the purpose of their own factions.

7. How is academy magic healing, different from (I assume) the divine healing of priests? Can priests do magic?
Yes, priests can do magic, although they call it miracles. Healing rules by the game mechanic are the same for all persons who are using supernatural powers (so mages, shamans, priests) and it only differs in decorum – different rituals or prayers etc.

8. On the topic of runes, there are different systems, different eras, and locations, and traditions in our world, and different interpretations of their meaning. Do we use a peticular system, based on interpretations in our world? Is there a Gimle system. Or do we just make it up as we go?
No, we don’t have one system. In the past most of the players were using Elder Futhark in many different ways, for reading past, present and future, interpret signs, dreams etc. In the Academy everybody is very independent in their specialization and using systems they think to suit the best. And that’s good as members of the Academy can teach each other their specializations. So whichever rune system you will choose it will be great and then you can teach it to the others.

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