Dark Forces

Open = anyone can join
Closed = only friends of the group members can join
Active = the group will come to next Gimle
Inactive = will not come to next Gimle, or not enough players to fill the group (7+ players)


Open (restrictions) – Active

The orcs come from the deep mountain halls and caves of Borgoth, their land in the north part of the continent. Even called blackbloods, the orcs of Borgoth live for plunder and mayhem. They do not hesitate to attack any settlement they come across and take what they want. They are physically very strong, and fighting back is not an easy feat. These brutal creatures follow the demon Kael, the impersonation of evil and brutality. To show their devotion, they often sacrifice to him in brutal rituals. Among the forces of Borgoth there are other creatures too, such as Urukhai and Goblin, and all other foul spawn in between. There are also human forces that fight for the Demon and characters that have been corrupted by the Demon. Most orcs are particularly stupid, but the smarter ones can be open for less brutal options, such as trade when it is convenient or make alliances if it involves fighting against wood elves.

Orcs have 4 hit points (instead of 3 like the other races)

It involves makeup and wearing a mask. AND, you only come out at night after 21.00. Before 19.00 you can double role.

Inspiration: LOTR
Colors, costume & visual traits: Black, brown, lots of armor
Religion: The Old Gods of destruction
IN leader: Unknown

Expected playstyles: Power rituals, brutal slaughter, slavery,

Possible roles: 

  • Fighters
  • Leaders
  • Trader/negotiator
  • Shaman

Political structure:  The Demon Kael, hierarchical
Map: Caves and the Borgoth stronghold in the north.

Last year’s events: Small raid on Baldersheim, Westmark and Gimleby. Short alliance with the Drow prince.

Current challenges: Gather enough strength to venture south to raid in the human lands of Gimle, Saxion and Westmark.


Open (restrictions) – Inactive

The Dark elves are the people of Elanthir, an ancient tribe of elves that have fallen into dark ways. Recognizable by their white skin, the forces of Elanthir are arrogant, brutal and look at others with disgust and pity. Most of all the people of the world, they look at Wood Elves with utmost disgust, and ridicule their graceful ways of life. Despite the hate towards others, the Dark elves have a strong bond to each other.

The Dark elves demand a very high level of respect and can have a very short fuse if they feel disrespected. They are generally in extreme control of their emotions but there are exceptions. They live in a matriarchy in which only women can reach the status of Priestess. A Priestess is worshiped and acts as both the religious and the political leaders of their people.

Colors, costume & visual traits:
Religion: Animist
IN leader: High Priestess Emriell

Expected playstyles: dark magic, hierarchy, hate, slavery
Possible roles: Fighter, shaman, diplomat, human slaves

Political structure: Matriarchy
Map: Elanthir

Last year’s events: 

Current challenges: Fight back the wood elves in their reclaiming of Elumenir and the human alliance marching towards Elanthir in the north


Open (restrictions) – Inactive

The drow are an old tribe of elves that went underground and never show themselves in daylight. According to rumor, the gate to their kingdom lies somewhere deep in the forests of Elumenir. By being underground for so long, the Drows have developed black skin, and move very well in the shadows of the night. Drows are often assassins or skilled fighters that take advantage of the darkness to disrupt their enemies. Despite many having heard stories about them, very few have ever seen a drow. Most people do not survive their attacks. It is said that the Drow have played an important role at the full moons these past few years, but none other than themselves know of their doing.

Colors, costume & visual traits: Black faces, elven ears
Religion: Animist
IN leader: Satariell

Political structure: Unknown
Map: Unknown

Last year’s events: A short attack on the Gimle region during which their prince was captured

Current challenges: 

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