The village of Gimleby

Open for all – good place for children

Gimleby is the only village in the Gimle area and the only place where people live all year round. The village was founded years ago by Tjalve, the Jarl of the Baldersheim Norse, fleeing from the natural catastrophe and chaos in the south. Since then Gimleby has become a mix of Norse, Saxions and people from Westmark. The mostly peaceful citizens of Gimleby are running a tavern, merchant house, handicraft house and a musical guild with some citizens also specialising in farming and hunting. The village is expanding and has the ambition to build a law system and is looking for a lawman/judge.

The people of Gimleby are for the most part kind and warmhearted. They like to sing and dance and play games. They work hard and reward themselves with good parties and festivals. The village is mostly run by a council, led by a mayor. Gimleby has declared to be independent, that they are part of no nation and will pay no taxes to any outside power. This has made the village very rich but also vulnerable.

Gimleby is far from the battlefield and the more magical lands in the north part of Gimle. Magic is not allowed in the village and any fighting is frowned upon. Despite this, the people of Gimleby have lately suffered many attacks by raiders, Norsemen or forces of Borgoth during the last great war. Gimleby now has ambitions to have a standing army called the Gimleby Guard. Some tabards (yellow) and shields have been acquired and the village is hiring capable swordsmen and shield maidens (if the villagers need to form a militia to support the Gimleby guard they use a yellow armband around their arm so that they can be identified on the battlefield).

Inspiration: medieval village
Colors and costume and visual traits: Brown and beige and saffron yellow (stay away from too much: blue, red, green).
Religion: mixed
IN-leader: TBA
OFF leader:

Facebook Group:

Roles to fill

Upper class (7 silver a day)

  • Mayor
  • Mayor’s first advisor
  • The herald (handles ceremonies and announcements)
  • Council members (elected by the villagers)
  • Ambassador at the big council
  • Official tradesperson (dealing with trade tokens)
  • Master of the treasury (dealing with bonds and IN-coins)
  • Master of international affairs

Middle class (5 silver a day)

  • Bard of Gimleby
  • Representative of the Merchant guild (LINK)
  • Representative of the Handicraft guild
  • Representative of the Tavern guild
  • Representative of the Music guild

Village healer

Low class (3 silver a day)

  • Hunter of the village
  • Handicrafters: pottery, blacksmith, woodwork, sewing
  • Fire master (lighting fires and lamps, selling firewood)
  • (OFF role – strategy game representative)

Gimleby guard

  • Captain of the guard (7 silver a day)
  • First sword of Gimleby (5 silver a day)
  • Defense and training of the villagers (5 silver a day)
  • Battle general (7 silver a day)
  • Guards of the gate (you can rent a tabard, helmet and shield) (3 silver a day)
  • Scouting and intelligence (3 silver a day)

Last year history

The gate and the wall have been finished and the villagers have been hard at work raising their Great Hall. Gimleby Guard has been established. Last year the mayor of Gimleby was kidnapped and later sacrificed by Boradal. The villagers were enraged and tried to take revenge on the Norsemen.

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