Golden Empire

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The Great Golden Empire rules over the vast lands in the east. Everything from its bountiful shores and arid deserts is held together by The Beloved Empress and her endless authority. She is the goddess that blesses her fisherman with their catch, her merchants with safe journeys, her armies with victories. The only ones who do not receive her attention are the uncounted masses of slaves who serve and work for her. They do not wish it though. For she is quick and stern in punishment for those who do not deserve her grace.

The Golden Empire houses people of every stripe and hates to see those who are unwilling to submit themselves to the wishes of the Golden Empress. She is believed to be the incarnation of Deomodron and every other heavenly deity and so deserves the servitude of all pious men.

Her limitless gaze is fixed westward where she intends to rule over the magical lands of Gimle and the surrounding regions where people still deny her. It may be required to persuade some with gold, and some by force, but all shall recognize her authority eventually.

Inspiration: Middle-Eastern cultures
Colors, costume & visual traits: Colorful clothes, golden details
Religion: Deomodron
IN leader: The Golden Empress

Expected playstyles: Dance, trickery, assassination, politics
Possible roles:
We suggest every group has an IN-role dealing with your nation’s;

  • Finances and armies. “Treasurer”, “master of coins”
  • Land ownership and trade items. (Could be the same as the Treasurer).
  • History of the nation (and what happens in the Larp)

Political structure: Monarchy
Map: Eastern section

Last year’s events: 

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