Gimle is a region in the “known world” or as some call it: The “Western shores”.

On the western shores lives mostly humans. Some claim there are other “races” in the north. The people of Gimle know this for sure, because they have met: orcs, elves, dark elves, dwarves, even drows and something that could be named a banshee.

Gimle is the most northern human settlement (as we know of). The Norse where the first to venture here after the great flood (the tsunami after a vulcano eruption). This year is called Year 0 in the Gimle region.

On the topic of which race is the oldest, many argue. Some say the elves, since they can live so long. Some say humans, others speak of a race called hobbits.

The great dispute

So which human culture was the first to come to the western shores?
The scholars know that Clanlands and Golden empire are related ethnically. Golden empire claims to be eternal, but that is not true. All agree that Saxions are the youngest culture: a mix of Alatarians, Norse and Clan lands and Golden empire.

It seems like humans have spread from the south and east, so that would mean Norse and Westmark and Saxions are relatively young cultures at least young as in late arrivals. Some say that Clanlands was first to reach the shores… But it could have happened at the same time as Alatarians and the fact that Alatarian are the most evolved speaks for that. The most different cultures and ethnicities are that between Clanlands and Alatarien (forever at war). The mystery of the Forest people no one has any decisive answer.

One legend says:
11 000 years ago there were only Humans, Dwarves and Hobbits living in the known world. But then a portal opened and out came the first Elves to ever set foot in this world. Shortly after various creatures with black blood would follow, Demons and orcs so the Elves destroyed the portal they had come from so that none more could follow. 

Another legend says:
Elves created some humans, originally called “the forest people”.  But others know for a fact that humans existed for many millennia before the “forest people”. The forest people was an ancient tribe that disappeared about a 1000 years ago, but seems to have appeared again, walking out of the forests in the north, like they have not developed for a 1000 years. Primitive. The strange thing with the forest people is that they come from the north. Most scholars agree on that humans migrated into the western shores from the East and south (Norse
came sailing from the south).

All rumors and fairytales, problems for scholars to solve, but for you my dear friend, which path of knowledge do you want to go down on:

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