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Music for Bards

Most “Medieval” songs and tunes, irish/celtic folk songs or most songs from themed bands (Blackmoores night,
Patty Gurdy, Santino, Wardruna, Faun, In extremo) are okay for bards to play.

Please avoid: Iconic tracks even if they are from folk bands or media. For example avoid the following

  • The dragonborn comes
  • Popular Sea Shanties
  • Any song from Game of Thrones
  • Popular “Irish punk” songs like Road to Dublin, Irish Pub Song, Shipping up to Boston etc.
  • Songs referencing modern names, locations or concepts.
  • Toss a coin to your witcher

Modern songs, even if its only their tune are completely off limits.

If you are not sure about a track, you can always ask an organizer or even better ask in the facebook group.


Clap Dance – Tune and Dance

Horse Dance – Tune and Dance

Whisper Dance – Tune

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