History of the “Western shores”

Current affairs and happenings 2023:

Previous history of Gimle region:

YEAR 8 (2023)

No moon graced the sky during the Trade Days of Year 8, the darkness mirroring the bleak times that had befallen the land, saturated with rain and mud. The opening night witnessed the public execution of an Academy mage in Gimleby, accused of poisoning the well the prior year, leaving the powerless Academy unable to intervene as they were bereft of magic.

The following day dawned with a new era as Gabriel of Wolvenshield was crowned as the Emperor of Gimle. All leaders were obliged to pledge allegiance to the new Emperor, who heralded Deomodron as the one true god and introduced imperial bonds, taxes, standardized unit system and guilds. However, discontent simmered sparking the formation of a new coalition – the Northern Alliance, uniting Vikings, Liljas, Saxions, Academy members, and the Kumo clan in their quest for independence.

Amidst this turmoil, the Academy laboured to open the Portal, the key to restoring magic and bringing back the Moon to Gimle. Despite dissent, all but Westmark supported their efforts. During the portal’s opening night, Gimle’s citizens assembled to journey through the Maze but were halted by the Emperor’s forces. Yet, united resolve triumphed as the Academy successfully unlocked the Portal. With mists blanketing the cliffs, an elven princess emerged from the opened gateway, bearing a warning of impending danger to the Western Shores. However, she was killed by an army of Orcs, who followed her through the portal and unleashed terror among the gathered crowd.

As news spread of Alatarian forces mobilizing for attack, the Western Shores were suddenly facing threats from both the South and the North. This called for action. Yet plans for besieging the Orc Fort were thwarted when it was found deserted, replaced by ominous drumming on the battlefield. Despite valiant efforts, the Gimle forces fell, with the Emperor gravely wounded in combat. As the Trade Days concluded, hooded figures reappeared, executing two Academy necromancers and transporting the Emperor for healing to the Isle of Modron. In his absence, Gabriel’s sister, Elanor assumed regency.

YEAR 7 (2022)

During the last year’s Trade Days the moon was low and pale at the full moon ritual and many odd occurrences took place. For instance, a healing well hidden deep in the Gimle woodlands was poisoned, and many people who drank the water for its remedial purpose became sick instead. Likewise, a new kind of Orcs came down from Arcatian Mountains, not afraid to walk in the shades of the daylight and almost cordial compared to the rest of their kin. What’s more, Alatarians appeared in Gimle for the first time and started immediately making deals with Vikings and the Orcs… but during their planned attack on the Griffins camp, the Orcs turned on them and thus Westmark was victorious.

On the good side, a guild of medics opened an establishment in the centre of Gimle and saved many lives during the various battles fought. Academy successfully led an expedition through the maze and located the possible place of the Portal. There were rumours of a mysterious Night Auction where only those who were invited could take part. In Gimleby village, story telling and archery competitions were held for the enjoyment of all.

Moreover, a wedding between King Gabriel of Wolvenshield and the Lady Ambassador of Golden Empire took place, but the bride was assassinated even before making it to the wedding chambers. The groom, absolutely heartbroken, decided to unite all of Westamark and at the end of the Trade Days declared himself the Emperor of Gimle.

Year 6 (2021)

Dwarves march down from the Arcatian mountains from the north. In the intent of trading for something they called “dark matter”.
The Stonecrowns found the Sword of Kings and was accepted as the sign of their right to rule Westmark

The maze was taken over by a group of woodsmen calling themselves “the rangers”. Are they just passing through or staying?
In Gimleby normal life… carpentry, barding, cooking, archery practice. A new mayor is chosen and the village starts training the defense of the village. Gimleby Jarl Thorsten also won the first archery competition in Gimleby. Faroh the wise opened a casino in the Gimleby tavern together with Aka-mahlif.

The Lockwood postal service opened their doors for the first time. It was greatly needed and it seems they were quite successful!A marriage between a princess of the Saxions and a Lord of Boradal.
Uncoordinated dark forces…. attacks on Baldersheim and Gimleby.

The archbishop of Deomodron visited Gimle. Deomodron managed to grow their roots in Gimleby. They now have a shrine dedicated to the one and only god.
Frida from Baldersheim was running “The Midget and the Giant tavern”. Simply put great food and great company.

Kids misbehaving using alcohol and even robbing people.
The fighting twin chefs of the Gimleby tavern did an excellent job, both in combat but also when it comes to the food. The food was marvelous.

Groups who successfully completed their battlefield ritual to our knowledge
Baldersheim, Elves, Griffin, Stonecrown

The great defense of Gimleby. When Boradal came banging on our gates, while Loki tried to sneak in from behind. Gimleby was aided by their now allies of Griffin and Stonecrown. Leatherman was an important factor of the defense.

The first mayor of Gimleby got executed and sacrificed by Boradal. Gimleby managed in parts  to get their revenge in a 6vs6 battle during the big elven council meeting. With great tactics the meek forces of Gimleby managed to outsmart the mighty Boradal.

The second mayor of Gimleby, Lyrra the Injured, managed to approve a Westmark settlement to be permanently built north of Gimleby.
Gimleby also took the decision to hand over the sword of persuasion to Westmark after panickedly being chased from the battlefield. Otherwise, if they had not turned over the sword, the alliance would have been broken.

Lilja broke the agreement with Gimleby in regards to protection and declared independence.

They were brutally beaten back into submission by the Allied forces.
Battle against the dark forces both at the battle field but also near the maze (the one Nanna led).
The big caravan of wild forest folk dancing and parading through the Gimle region late one evening seems to be their annual custom.

Unique ending to the trading days with what will be known as the Big ceremonial ritual. With friendly blunt duels, a last man standing. A redo of the archery competition, singing and dancing in the firelight.

Year 5 (2020)

Plague came to Gimle.
Cemetery was created on the battlefield. Here Tjalve and all the great lords of Stonecrown lie.
Nana came back into her normal self with the help of rituals led by her uncle Greybeard and the spiritual presence of Tjalve. Greaybeard leaves the archmage staff to the academy.

Gimleby Wall was built with big gates. Gimleby village acquired no less than three areas on the map. Lord Gabriel of Griffin sold the Outlook to the Tavern for 10 Gold and free cider. The Gimleby expansion will continue next season.
Rumor has it that the Golden empress visited Gimle, under cover.

A new ruler of the united Norse lands was elected but had little impact in the region.

Sir Eleric Stonecrown (cousin of Frank) became the King of Westmark, then married a Golden Empire lady. That was a day before he was killed. Left was a foreign queen. She was seen as an intruder and soon assassinated. Two guardians of the throne were selected, one is the famous blade of the east, Golden Empire ambassador Ari’jwani Rasheed.

Lord General Gilbert Rubywine has been appointed as the other guardian to the throne of Westmark.

The Banshee Queen returns and attacks the village of Gimleby and takes over the whole village before she leaves for the Westmark camp, she kills the new king and then turns on her Norse allies.
Somehow the elves manage to capture the banshee queen and give her powers to a captured Norse called Loki. The elfs once more have their queen back.

Outside Gimle:
Kael and his Blackbloods lost a lot of forces attacking Aldor and the stubborn dwarfs that received unexpected aid from The Golden Empire. The alliance between Darkelves and Blackbloods is however still very strong. The power of Emriell, Ezrael and Kael alone is almost unimaginable. The rest of the world should thank Aldor and the Golden Empire for keeping these forces at bay for as long as they have.

The Golden Empire has over the years always been known to act in their own interest. They have had plans to attack the other human nations but as the power of Borgoth grew they have had to focus on keeping them at bay and actually aid other nations. Having other nations be stable and be able to rely on them for help against Borgoth is currently in the best interest of the Golden Empire. The reason that the Golden Empire fears Borgoth the most is because they are neighbors.

Year 4 (2019)
On the first trade day, before the full moon ritual… Cynnseresia Calamitas Exterina, High Queen of the Alliance, AKA “The Beast of Stonecrown”, “The Berserker”, “The Barbarian”, “The Valkyria” or “The Strange One”, Cynn The Usurper… was killed.

Dol Guldur was inhabited by Cultists/Followers who have the book the Codex Obscura, some druids were fascinated by them.

Kael (Demon and leader of Orcs) captured the elven queen and turned her into a Banshee. Wood Elves have fled their lands and are but a remnant of their past glory.

Dark forces gathering together under the Banshee queen rule.
Hervors Daughter beats up a wandering bard for cheating on girls.

Alatarian mercenaries visited Gimle.The band of mercenaries known as Piper’s Daggers were wandering around the Gimle, mostly gambling (once they went with Nanna for the ork hunt in the maze).

The houses of Westmark force Daniella to give her power up to Frank but in a stunning political move she chooses to marry him instead. After the larp Frank dies in battle with dark elves and once again Westmark is left without an accepted ruler.

Jonathan Stonecrown went into hiding and gathered some new forces but before he could make his move he was killed when he ran into the Banshee Queen.

Banshee Queen managed to corrupt the leader of The Academy, the powerful witch known as Nanna the White Witch.

The book Codex Obscura turned Nanna into a darker self.

The Gimle council was created in the hope of resolving conflicts without swords, but the Council was held hostage by sword by the Norse.

The Banshee queen turns all Norse to her side. Westmark and the people of the Gimle region vs all the Norse tribes and the orcs.

The banshee queen and the orcs and Norse conduct powerful rituals in the region and take control of parts that Westmark held before. They win the big final epic battle.

Outside Gimle:
During this time of unity the southern part of Westmark was attacked by the united Norse tribes and Bridgetown, the seat of power for the house of Griffin was lost. All the Houses’ armies united under Frank and finally managed to take Bridgetown back. A huge victory for the unity of the houses.

Year 3 (2018)
The Westmark houses sent groups to the lands of Gimle.

The four houses of Westmark, Stonecrown, Griffin, Lily and Oakenhelm were once united behind a strong King and Queen. King Steinar Stonecrown and Queen Olivia Stonecrown. They had two sons Jonathan and Frank Stronecrown. The eldest being Jonathan who was next in line to be King.

Noble families of House of Lily visited Gimle and were trying to gain more power by marriages and diplomacy (among others with Prince Jonatan, common folk of Gimleby, and also with Saxions having a very young queen).

Many oaths were broken that year. A new law was introduced in Gimle about sacred oaths taken in Nifelheim or in front of the council.

Astonishing lute player was visiting Gimle that year, most likely from the island of Bards.

Secret society mocking house of Lilia was created, that called themselves – The Seven. It is believed that Gimle bard, Akha-Malif was one of them.

Norse have gathered all the rest of the free folks in the forest camp.

The rule of Jarl Branrir Ulffang of Baldersheim has been diminished as Cynn of Stonecrown army married the Norseman Gar and exclaimed herself High queen of Gimle region.

The Gimleby inhabitants succeeded to safeguard its lands and happily saw the Liljas leave the region. Some, though, miss the silly laughter of lady Theodora.

Ambassadors of the Golden Empire came to Gimle, and managed to assassinate King Steinar of Stonecrown.

Queen Olivia was afraid the Westmark nation would fall apart so she married The leader of House Griffin who happened to be another woman, Daniella Griffin. At the wedding Olivia was poisoned and to this day it is still unknown who was behind that.

House Lily and House Oakenhelm threw their support behind the oldest son of Olivia and Steinar; Jonathan.

A very political year. The conflict of power stands between Jonathan and Daniella. They both want to rule Westmark and neither has the proper support. They reach out to different Norse tribes and to elves and of course other houses and the local population of the Gimle region and the Saxions.

Promises are made right left and center and once it comes down to it most of the promises are broken, Jonathan ends up being betrayed by a long list of allies who had promised him an alliance. The list includes: His own troops, the troops of house Lily, the Saxions, The local people of the Gimle region, and  certain wood elves.

Those who stand loyal in the end are the remaining wood elves, the dark elves, the nobles of house lily and the tribe of Boradal. A last minute betrayal by the Saxions led to an overwhelming victory for Daniella Griffin. Her enemies were slaughtered in the massacre of Gimle.

House Griffin takes the throne, but Frank Stronecrown, Jonathans younger brother would not let that stand for long.

The Balance of Nature has been upset. The elves turn to the spirits and conduct a ritual to help save nature from the greedy humans who insist on doing her damage. The spirits respond with the creation of a cure to wipe humanity off the planet, just like how the body fights a virus. This creation is natures vengeance and not what the elves intended when the conducted the ritual. The natures spirit was awakened.

The elves end up helping humanity fight this creation and with everyone’s help it is defeated.

The Loke sect of the wolves sided with orcs.

The small invasion of Stonecrown into Gimleby (in the attempt to arrest the tavern brothers) not only violated the Gimleby agreement by the ”council of the eleven”. Gimleby was supposed to be a demilitarized zone. Because of this the Gimleby villagers have started building a wall and a gate to the north. But still no decisions have been taken on how to rule the village of Gimleby. House Stonecrown claims that no war was started, it was just a small military operation.

Saxion family under young Queen Lisette has formed a faction with the common people of Gimleby.
The common people call for a republic in Gimle and have a desire to dethrone the three houses of Westmark.

Golden Empire enters Gimle

‘I’ve found it in the forest’, beside ‘Mereba’ is the most common phrase you would hear from them. Also they were the most charming newcomers ever.

Secret Society – Hervor’s Daughters beat up the owner of the Lonely Tavern who was abusing girls, but his younger sister, using the necklace of charm, rescued him.

Year 2 (2017)
Gimleby is established.

Creatures of the forest were seen: elves and even more orcs. Gimle is not uninhabited. Saxion groups arrive from the south. Saxions were divided into East Anglia and Mercia living under the same camp.. But later united. Saxions had their first contact with elves.
The magical powers of the region are discovered. The tradition of annual trade days and full moon ritual in the month of July is established. Saxions and Gimleby unite when Kaels orcs visit in great numbers.

The tavern is led by Jorun and her daughters Hillevi and Idun. Also this year a small girl sacrificed her eyes and gained power from the gods to produce a massive shockwave on an army of orcs.

In Lonely tavern rules a mighty couple, mad witch and her husband.

An avatar of nature was said to have awakened and roamed the lands of gimle.

There were skirmishes and encounters with banshees roaming the forest sent by the Avatar.
Saxions fought again and again with the Norse and the villagers of Gimle.

The Norse often attacked or sieged the Saxion camp.

A lot of accusations of poisoning, stealing and sabotage or harm done were thrown by both sides. On the day of his wedding the Lord of Mercia was poisoned and brought to Nifelheim by his soldiers to be saved. The Saxion scouts spotted and had skirmishes with the Kael orcs in the north.

A great ritual was done under the tower in the mountain to regain the Sword of Pain. People from all factions attended and the Nanna led a group of priests and mages to dispel the cursed circle that kept it safe. A lot of volunteers were taken but the cursed circle was broken. The sword of pain was taken by the human tribes.

On the last day before the fight against the undead all the stones and artifacts were gathered by the archmages. Soldiers from all nations were blessed and were given talismans that gave them temporary powers. The human tribes united and with the help of mages and witches defeated the horde of the undead and the avatar of nature.

The festival ended with all human tribes and elves feasting together and drinking at the tavern of Gimle. Later the Saxion factions either left Gimle and a few of them moved permanently into the Village.

Year 1 (2016)
Led by the Jarl Tjalve the migrants reach Gimle region, believing they are the only inhabitants. Nanna and the Merchant Grim are part of this group.

Tjalve is killed by Orcs while defending his daughter. His daughter Enga, takes his place. Enga disappears and has not been seen since.

A religious ritual goes wrong (was Nana involved), a demon is summoned.

All tribes come together, a champion is empowered in a ritual to defend the lands from the demon that Kael incarnated.

The fire demon is defeated by the champions in an epic battle on top of a hill. (Where was Pääp when we needed him?)

0 The year of the catastrophe
A volcano erupts on Burnt island. A huge tsunami sweeps up the great flow, Saxion and most ports along the north side of the great flow are devastated. Saxions loses power in the region. Ashes from the eruption cover the skies for a year and there is crop failure, starvation, plague, small wars and migration.
Parts of Norse and Saxions migrate north.
Alatarian yet again emerges as the strongest power in the region.
But few political powers can influence Gimle far in the north that remains an independent / neutral land.


-12.000 years ago…

According to legend…The ancient 100 gods sacrificed one of themselves and the moon was created.

-11.500 years ago according to the ancient legend… The 99 gods lifts a fireball from inside a vulcano at the bottom of the ocean and place the sun on the sky and warms up the world.

-11.000 years ago there existed only Humans, Dwarves and Hobbits. None of them had found the “western shores”. The known world was partly under water and ice.
Later the ancient god of “falling and flying” had a battle with the god of “salt water and oceans” that led to the land masses being partly uncovered. The god of “Eruptions volcanos and fire” could also have been involved.

-10.000 The portal opened and connected the land of Fae with the western realms. Elves entered our world. Also darkblood creatures escaped into our world before Elves managed to seal the gate.

-7000 The Dwarves is said to have wandered into the Arcatian mountains. In these days sea level was higher. Westmark was under water. Southwestern Alatarien as well. Anda Chiang river was 20 times wider. Dwarves settled deep in the Arcatian mountains.
Nobody knows when the Hobbits came to the western shores.

-5000 The legend of the lonely wanderer. A missionary from the ancient pantheon of the 99 gods walks north and reaches the “big flow”. He finds no traces of life and soon dies a lonely death on its sandy beaches in the Clan lands. But no body knows this (since he was a lone, and he died).

-4100 Western shores discovered by Norse.
sail north along the western coast and settled in Dangafyr – the oldest town in the known world.
During this time there was a small ice age and flora and fauna was very different. The settlement was abandoned 100 years later and norse people would not be seen here for nearly 2000 years.

-3600 overland migration into Western Shores.
Nomad people (later known as Clan land) migrates from the south and east to the western shores, when climate got warmer. The Clanlands was a big forest in those days. Mostly hunter, gatherers and nomads. Several different tribes, not united.

-3400-3300 Alatarians comes from the south… mainly with ships in several waves. The “Great armada of trouble” the Clan land tribes called it.

-3200-3100 The Clan Land and Alatarian wars.
Alatarian occupied lots of Clanlands and cut down lots of its forests for ship and town building. Clan land tribes unite under one leader Ashobanepal and tries to fight them of. Ashobanepal is more or less seen as the ultimate patriarch of Clan Lands.

-3050 Mines of Gems found on the border between Alatarian and Clan Lands and lead to constant conflicts for centuries.

-3000 on the way back from a place that is later named “never been” a full tetrak (1000) of Clan riders freeze to death on a plateau in the middle of summer, affected by strange weather patterns. They were in pursuit of what looked like a humanoid tribe of desert people running partly on all fours. Since then no one has ever visited “never been”.

– 2999 Mount Miracle, here Alatarian Priest Porgeas of the ancient 99 went into a cave under a mountain and came out with a pergament with the 99 rules of life given to him by the god of “stone and stubbornness and stupidity”. The parchment is lost. But many of the rules are known, like #33 “Never sleep with your feet towards the north”. And rule #79 “Never dance or sing in darkness, or when being alone”. And rule #26 “If a stranger ask you for advice – never tell the truth”. And the inexplicable #89 “No one under the age of 12 must ever count to 99”. And the much broken rule #17 “Only priests may live in caves”. 

– 2950 Magicians appear on the “burnt island” and the place is soon seen as haunted (no one returns that tries to land there). They invent written language, later given to and used by Alatarian merchants.

-2900 Mines discovered in Alatarian along the Spine ridge

-2850 Alatarian is split under two rulers (north and south) Altaria founded in the north close to the mines.

-2800 Clan land has its golden years under the dynasty of the Yamnadraks. They push all Alatarians west of the river and control the gem mine for many generations. The necklace of charm was made during the Yamnadraks rule.

– 2700 A clan land princess rides north as the warmer climate goes north, she forms a new nation later known as the Golden empire.
On the Hills of the morning, here Princess Foe decided that she would be the mother of a new nation.

-2650 Dwarves drive Golden Empire south away from Arcatian mountains after a short and decisive battle. Since then Golden empire people are afraid of really short people.

-2600 At the city of Assur an order of Alatarian monks and nuns settle. They worship the ancient 99 dietis from the old world. On the year of 2600 they revert to Hedonism and orgies of procreation in rituals honoring Asssur, the God of fertilization and growth.
Some kind of Plagues hits the city one year later and the place is destroyed by fire (the screams of burning people could be heard for a long distance). 99 children (born out of the orgies) are saved out of the burning citadel and are taken to an unknown place.

-2580 Burial chamber of Princess Foe rediscovered in the Clan Lands.
It is said that Princess Foe the founder of the Golden Empire wanted to die in the lands she was born, and at the age of 99 swam alone back to Clan lands and died there. (The Golden empire claim this never happened, Foe never died).

-2550 Alatarian north and south unites under the guild of merchants.

-2500 Alatarian rule develops the most advanced culture on the western shores thanks to trade and sea travel. They claim territory in the Clan lands again.

-2400 Norse migrants return to the fabled Dangafyr – the oldest village in the world.

-2350 Ancient throne of the “sister queens” is built on the Island in the middle of Alatarien. After 23 years of political fighting the “sister Queens” disembels the merchant guild (most of the leaders were assassinated).

-2300 The descendants of the 99 orphans reveals themselves.  Nuns and monks of the ancient beliefs emerges and builds the Fire shrine of Serena on the disputed border of Alatarien and Clanlands. No one dares to interfere with them, they are all red eyed and can kill by using their voice (the legend goes).

– 2250 the descendant daughters of “the sister queens’ ‘rebuild the city of Avalot into a great bastion.

-2200 The ancient ruins are discovered in Alatarien and no body really knows who built this city, it seems to be from even before Alatarien migration – but how is that possible?

– 2175 Clan land Shaman Deemoda drowns at sea Shaman Deemoda the young curses all boats, the Big flow and all water with salt in it. After this Clan lands generally take a dislike to the sea and all travel upon it.

-2170 Alatarian at war with Norse that are forced to pay annual tribute to Avalot.

– 2150 Lots of Ice has retreated north and more new lands are uncovered in the north.

-2100 Norse moves north and settles in Westmark, abandoning the southern villages (to avoid Avalot tribute).

-1900 Clan land warriors drives out Alatarien settlers and push them west of the Anda-Chiang river. Alatarian lands are overcrowded and leaders are weak.

-1850 Gold mines discovered on the north side of the great flow opposite to Alatarian.

– 1800 Saxion land settled.
Migrating Norse
and Alatarians settle Saxion lands forming a new nation. Some exiled Clan land people, and defectants from Golden empire join.

– 1798 War of the three nations, or Saxion freedom wars
…where Saxion fights of Alatarian by forming an alliance with Norse.

– 1790 During the Alatarien-Saxion war several Alatarien Ships were lost. Later it was revealed that they mutinied and went independent. They settled in ports along the Broken spine ridge coastline that is known for bad weather and inaccessible harbors from landside. Here several clans of pirate has survived over the years. Coast of wrecks. Free Haven. City of plunder. Siren coast… are places along the coast.

-1760 Norse resettles Norselands and Baldersheim is founded.

-1600 Saxions discovers a new huge “star”, “the sun of the night” (the moon) can be seen from the north regions of Saxion. (This stellar body can not be seen in the south).

-1550 Alatarian people’s uprising against the church of the 99. Taxes and sacrifices to as many as 99 gods is too cumbersome. It is too many and too costly. The order of Porgeas does a 9 years investigation and comes up with a solution where the 9 most powerful gods of the 99 are selected and from now on, sacrifices are only demanded for the 9.

-1543 The civil war of Saxions where the settlers of Port of Baywater
And Rankar village fight a 3 day non stop battle on Bogland bridge. No winner emerges and after a few weeks Norse decide to surprise invade port of Baywater. The hostile Norseattack unites the Saxions under one flag and one leader (Baylon Brass Knuckles). Saxions wins thanks to a storm sinking half the Norsefleet (some whispers of the magicians of burnt island being involved).

-1533 Honorad is founded by Baylon (also known as Baylon the bald) (who had over 300 children born out of his Harem of mainly Norse slave women). Since then, any bald Saxion is called “a Baylon”.

-1434-1340 Clan lands raid Alatarian and both nations decline. The never ending war.

-1253 Saxion power
… emerges as the main power in the region, under the biggest city in the world: Honorad.

-1199  Slavery made illegal in Saxion lands.

-1170 Slavers market in Free port attacked by Saxion ships.

-1099 The birth of Westmark
The Saxion king Carubald has 5 children that ends up arguing about the succession…. Small civil war erupts and 4 of the royal children emigrate / exiles to the west and forms the noble houses of Westmark.
Last Norse
are driven out and south, back to Dangafyr peninsula.

-1033 Westmark discovers the Dunes of Dunberry, a small area where salt hills from the sea look like a white desert.

– 1020 Nomads – name – driven out (genocide) from Griffin lands, by Griffins.
Becomes a “traveling people”. Their origin is from Norse
but formed their own culture since 1800´s and stayed behind when the Norse returned south (1760). Now they are spread out in a “diaspora”.

-1000 unknown human migration from the north to the mountains in Norseland.

-999 A Porgean prophet speaks of a disaster that will happen in a 1000 years and fall upon the pagan city of the heathens, a countdown i started. Sacrifice is done to “the god of things to come”.

-891-887 Plague in the whole region, mostly blond haired children are affected.

-890 Serenian missionaries from the shrine of Serena spread on the whole continent. They tell the story of the 99 gods, especially the god of healing (because of the plague). It turns out the missionaries are (unknowingly) the main spreaders of the plague.

-766 On the western shores of Westmark outside swamps along the coast a culture called the Sea peoples (people of the salt) are discovered, of unknown origin, maybe related to the Norse culture, or an offspring of the Free havens.

-671 Golden empire invades Saxion lands. East Anglion burnt to the ground. Golden army gets lost in an enchanted forest on the way back  and sees glimpses of small humans.
Half the Golden army succumbs to diseases and starvation after marching over the now called: Desert of bones.

-669 twin hermits (sister and brother) settles on an island in “the great flow” and preaches the word of “the one god” (Deomodron is not yet named) to any fishermen or disoriented sailors that land on the island. The fishermen start returning and bringing sacrifices (fish). More and more people start pilgrimage to listen to the charismatic preachers.

-634 In the small village Golmere situated on a small island in the Arcatian river between Westmark and Saxion a secretive society of bards set up a guild and a music academy.

-600 In the first Westmark war, all four kings died in battle on a now haunted hill of fallen kings (one of them was actually a woman, but posed as a king).

-509 Starvation in the whole region after a few years of drought.

-508 Deomodron religion emerges at the island where the Temple of Modron will be built.

-456 Golden Empire proclaims the Golden Empress to be the living incarnation of Deomodron (after Deomodron starts spreading among the population)

-399 Second wars between the 4 noble houses of Westmark. Norse fighting as paid mercenaries on all sides.

-333 Westmark decides that Deomodron is the official religion of the lands.

-330 Westmark burns two missionaries from the pantheon of the 99 to death.

-323 Alatarien decides that Modron is one of the 99 gods, maybe the one that leads them all. It maybe is “the god of unity”.

-255 Norse start trade with horses from Clan lands in exchange for shipping services. The deal involves an oath to never sell any horses to Alatarien.

-254 Norse sell horses to Alatarian in secrecy and is awarded a colony on Alatarian land, a small harbor south of Avalot, called Norseport.

-201 Saxion leader converts to Deomodron.

-200 Saxion leader is assassinated by fanatic follower of “the 99”

-199 Deomodron arch bishop declares “the followers of the 99” banned in Saxion lands. 

-198 The nuns at the fire shrine of Serena curses the arch bishop of Deomodron.

-197 The arch bishop of Deomodron curses the nuns of the Fire shrine of Serena.

-145 Donnia the crazy Oakehielm princess kills her own parents and burns down the family castle – flees to the forest and is said to have copulated with forest creatures and give birth to forest ghouls.
Ever since the house of Oakehielm considered their duty to be faithful and sacrifice themselves when needed, partially to be forgiven by God for the crimes and dishonor brought in by Domnia. The rest of Westmark has already forgotten about it, but they still care.

-121 slow sneaky proxy war between the Temple of Deomodron and the Mages of Burnt Island.

-101 Nearly a 100 Forest Rangers massacred by Norse and Saxions in a place called Trata vallu, a valley in the mountains between Saxion-Norse.

-99 Ten thousand pilgrims of the ancient religion of the 99 comes from all corners of the known world and visits Mount miracle were one random person is sacrificed to the Stone God by being locked into the cave to starve to death beside the mummy of Priest Porgeas.
The 9999 remaining followers sails in a holy war towards The island of “Temple of Modron”. But most of them die in a strange disease evoked by the Deomodron priests (or it could have something to do with the ritual the followers of the 99 did where they had a holy communion and each ate a piece of the mummy of Porgeas).

-98 Deomodron emerges as the most powerful god of all, maybe even the only god.

-22 Amber city: A rebel enclave emerges in no mans land on an island between Saxion and Golden empire (River Anglion). The island is rich with amber and a trading post as well as a liberal cultural city emerges. The culture is that of Golden empire (oriental) but the empress is considered a fraud and a dictator. Golden empire forces can do nothing since also Saxion claims this tiny island. A stalemate has emerged between the two superpowers all the while  Amber city flourishes and defectors from Golden empire flock here. Their clothing and culture is much like that in golden empire, apart from the amber stone that all citizens are wearing as a necklace.

Nana the white witch in front of Gimleby gate portraying Tjalve and Enga
Orcs came out of the portal some 12000 years ago
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