Economy and trade, land, the resource game


If your group succeeds in making a lot of money – or loses quite a bit – tell the trading house at the end of the LARP as it can give you advantages or disadvantages in the possible strategy game or in the next larp.


The Gimle LARP has several currencies.

1) The IN-coins (marked red, stealable)

They come in Gold (= 10 silver or 100 Copper)

Silver (= 10 copper or 1/10th of a Gold)

Copper (= 1/100th of a gold or 1/10th of a Silver)

Red on one side.
IN-coins are red = stealable

They can be stolen if marked red. Use them to promote role-play such as buying things and services from other players, collecting tax etc. You will be given some of this money at the check-in. Want more? They can not be bought, you have to earn them during the LARP. Return what remains after the LARP.

2) The F-coins – food coins (marked with F rune)

They come in Gold (5€), Silver (1€) and Copper (50 cent). They can NOT be stolen because they hold real value. Use them to buy food at the taverns. You can buy these coins at check-in and at merchants. Pay with Euro or Krona or Swish. At the end of the LARP the merchant will buy it back from you. 

3) The Bonds – strategy game money

This money is fictional. It exists only on paper. It is what your nation has available in the treasury back home. You can exchange this money with other groups by signing bonds (that clearly state who gives what to who). After each LARP we count and see what each nation has, so make sure you give them to the Merchant at the end of the LARP.


Fully paying adults receive 8 euro value in the IN-coins. Children receive half. Kings and nobles maybe five times this (but if you are rich you can not buy all the cider anyway – there should be enough for all). You can shop for small items at the trading house, sweets and drinks at the inns or taverns – although they will most likely only accept F-coins. You can sell handicrafts and other things for IN-money (or even F-coins).


  • Keep the money flowing – charge for everything.
  • Camp inhabitants pay 2 silver a day in tax
  • All visitors pay a silver coin when entering a foreign camp
  • Coming in from the OFF costs 1 silver
  • Using the toilet in Gimleby costs 5 copper (do not actually prohibit people from using it)
  • Be imaginative …

How much does something cost?

Each faction might ascribe their own value, but generally: 

  • A day’s pay = 50-100 copper (5-10 silver)
  • An errand from Gimleby to Lonely Tavern = 4 silver
  • Rent a guard for 1 hour = 2 silver
  • A writing on a parchment = 1 silver
  • Rent a small weapon/day = 4 silver
  • Rent a small shield = 2 silver
  • Transport of coffin from Gimleby to Nordmark, incl 2 guards = 2 gold
  • A small snack at Lonely Tavern = 5 copper


The Gimle Full Moon days are also very important trade days. This is one of the reasons your nation sent you here. If you are representing a nation you have trade items back home. Amounts and types will be specified by organizers alongside the objectives you will get before the start of the LARP. At the Gimle trade days you can start exchanging these goods with other nations (or paying with bonds).

Trade tokens

Your group will be given a big pouch with trade tokens (which can NOT be stolen). These tokens represent your trade items. Exchange them or sell them if you wish. At the end of the game, this pouch must be given back to the organizers because we will be counting them for each of the factions.

Trade tokens

Trade items

During the LARP we have some real trade items circulating. These are “REAL” physical goods in sacks. They are marked red and can be stolen. These are 10 jute sacks filled with goods (actually very light with straw in them). Let’s say that each has a value of 2 gold coins and are being transported from the merchant to a camp (the leader of the group will sign a paper) … and later back again to the merchant. The camp in question earns 10 silver for each sack that reaches them, and 10 silver for each sack they manage to send back to the merchant successfully (collect it at the Merchant on delivery). If they are stolen, the merchant and/or the group must buy or steal them back.


During the game you can acquire income sources, usually from the mines, trade routes and trade posts.


Owning a mine provides money every day (collect it at the Merchant).
Gold mine gives 3 gold 
Silver mine gives 20 silver 

Trading post

Owning a land with a trade post provides extra money (3 gold at the start of the LARP each):

  • Westmark (east gate)
  • Lonely tavern (north gate)
  • Gimleby (south gate)
  • The lost lands (west gate)
  • The big tree (North west gate)


Map of the Gimle lands


Conquering land

There will be a big map showing all the game area. The map divided into many different plots that can be owned, bought or conquered. The map will be seen in the council area.

Does your group want to own a piece of and you will have to buy it and set up a contract with the previous owner, OR challenge them to a fight over it. Send a challenge by a messenger and the fight will be held at 21.00 at the battle field. The defender must decide if the battle will be:
1) Man-to-man battle, a duel. Or,
2) Each part sends a troop of exactly 5 warriors.
3) Free rules, come “en masse” and bring mercenaries and alliances. And use ambush or any trick.

These rules must be followed, no one else may join in a duel, or 5 vs 5. Anyone who breaks these rules automatically loses the territory in question.

16.00 on the battlefield there are land championship fights. Game leaders (Grey cloaks) are there to supervise.

A game leader will be discreetly present during land-battles and see that every thing is done fair and then change the map at the tavern. The plots where there are camps can not be challenged, but you can steal their clan-banner.

Buying land

A person or a group can buy land. The price is up to the seller, but must be at least 20 gold. To set up a camp in a place one has to own the land.
Every camp is in ownership of its´ plot and it can not be conquered, but the camp banner can be stolen.


Each camp is suggested to have a flag that is visible and easy to take. It can be stolen by your enemies, and must not be hidden thereafter. Each group may steal another group’s flag ONE time during the larp. It’s a declaration of war.
Your banner is your clans age old ancestral totem, your protective amulet. Losing it means great dishonor and also bad luck (The org. will make sure you get bad luck).
Your group may take your banner along when leaving the camp.

To get back your flag:
– Steal it back.
– Buy it back.
– Challenge the thief on the battlefield.


If your group wants – you can be part of a strategy game. Actions within the Larp give points.

Your group should try to get as much as possible of this:
1) Money (IN money and BONDS)
2) Land ownership.
3) Performed War Rituals.
4) Ownership of artifacts.
5) Ownership of trade goods & routes.

After the larp we can count who gained the most.
There should be a strategy game representative from each group.
Report to the NPC organizers at the merchant all your gains.

Standing armies

Each nation has a number of:
– infantry, cavalry, knights, siege machines, big ships, small ships.
What your group has in resources can be read on your groups page/documents.


If you are not a thief – don´t steal. It is not realistic that any character steals. Children are not allowed to steal artifacts.

You can steal anything MARKED WITH RED TAPE (with red tape or a piece of red string).
If you raid an enemies camp, you may also steal things marked red. Sell the stolen item to the merchant. We want to keep things in circulation. (NOTE: the group Griffin has the color red, you can not steal their costumes/shields e t c)
There is a thieves competition going on. Who can steal the most. Thieves are spread out in all groups and have normal roes/jobs.
The master of the thieves guild lives secretly in a group and has a daytime job.
Secretly he/she organizes the “thiefs guild”.
There is a secret Thieves camp where they meet. They can also sleep there IN.
If there is a LAW-function in Gimleby – any caught thief should be brought before the court.

If you want to play thief – contact the organization for exact rules – do not tell anyone that you are planning this role.

The Greycloaks

A new addition to the LARP – these cloaked figures are Game Masters there to oversee battles and offer support to players when needed. They can be seen roaming around the whole Gimle area throughout day and part of the night.

When you are IN-character treat them as unimportant background figures, someone you would not approach. They are non-intractable meaning you can not attack them or roleplay with them as character. You can however approach them as a player.

They are there to oversee mechanics, clarify confusion and answer questions you might have. Their word is rule.

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