Other Races

Open = any one can join
Closed = only friends of the group members can join
Active = the group will come to next Gimle
Inactive = will not come to next Gimle, or not enough players to fill the group (7+ players)



Open (restrictions) – Inactive

Personality/vibe of the group: TBA
Colors, costume & visual traits: Green and black clothes, elf ears
Religion: Animist
IN leader: Queen Ezrael (Facebook page)

Expected playstyles: magic, scouting, archery

Possible roles:

  • Archers
  • Healers
  • Scouts

Political structure:
Map: Elumenir area (North-West of the continent)

Last year’s events: After the return of Queen Ezrael, they have been gathering allies and forces to reclaim Elumenir

Current challenges: Struggling in a war campaign to take their homeland back



Open (restrictions) – Inactive

The mighty dwarves come from the great halls of Aldor, their kingdom in the north-eastern mountains. Due to being their neighbors, Aldor has always fought against the orcs of Borgoth and the dwarves know the struggle of going to war with these foul creatures. They are known for being great smiths, miners and brewers, and enjoy drinking more than anything, apart from gold.

Have 4 hitpoints (instead of 3 like the other races) without armor.

Inspiration: LOTR
Colors, costume & visual traits: beards and hammers
Religion: Old gods
IN leader: The Dwarven king deep in the mountain

Expected playstyles: greed for gold, drinking, elf hate, trade

Political structure: Kingdom
Map: Ugarit area (North-East of the continent)

Last year’s events:
Current challenges:
The Old Gods
Regent: The Dwarf King deep in the mountain.


Open – Inactive

Some people that travel to Gimle say they have seen short people they call hobbits. Apparently, hobbits are cheerful people that love drinking and having fun, and live a simple life away from the wars of the greater kingdoms. They look like children in size, but have strong hands and feet. They have never traveled to GImle before, but according to the stories, they would be very welcome to join for the trade days in Gimle.

Inspiration: LOTR
Colors, costume & visual traits: barefoot and unarmed
Religion: Eat well, sleep well, drink well. Second breakfast and song and dance.
IN leader:

Location: Tolkinor – south of Golden Empire

Expected playstyles: handicraft, parties, good times, trade

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