Equipment – rental – buy

Gimle – Limited rental options

VERY simple rentals & limited choice of factions to play in…
–  most likely: Baldersheim Norse, Shadow Rangers, Gimleby guard, Gimleby citizen.
Bring your own black larpish boots.

The Mondiala Rental Section – limitless rental options

If you want to rent an entire kit of gear you can do so for 500 sek (about 45 euro) that includes clothes, a belt, some armour, weapons, a pouch and a swordholder, everything your character needs.  If you want to rent pieces of a set, like a sword, a swordholder, a shield or a tabard for example you can also do that for less then 500 sek, exactly how much depends on what you want and will be determined on site.
Pay to Mondiala NOT to Gimle.
There is a CASH deposit of 50 euro or 500 sek for any rental (money you give us but then get back when you return your rented equipment). So very important you remember to bring CASH.
VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You can only return your rented equipment on the checkout day, Sunday the 17:th of July. So if your leaving the larp early you have to either make sure a friend returns your gear and picks up your deposit or you have to come back on the Sunday to return the rented equipment.
Information from the Mondiala Larp Store – buy
New this year is that there will be a larp store where you can buy larp equipment on the 12:th and 13:th of July.
If there is something in particular you would like to buy please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure we have it for you.
I should mention that if you buy an entire kit of gear for the faction that you are playing you get a 15 percent discount.
We will accept cash (Euro or Sek) but will only have change in Sek. You can also pay using swish.
Check out our current stock and prices on
If there is something you want that we dont have we can order it from epicarmory but let us know in good time since they are really swamped and it takes time to get it shipped.
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