Venue, The host and the landscape


Hastekasen Farm association (HFA) is the host of the event. We work together with Mondiala entertainment, and Gimle player association.
Hastekasen is a living eco-community where people live year round doing such things as natural building and small scale farming with some animals. There is also a lot of nature and adventure activities happening here. HFA is also doing some Erasmus activities and also receives volunteers with the EU-ESC system.
Every Gimle Larp so far – there has been an Erasmus Youth Exchange using the Gimle larp as an educational platform. They do workshops before the Larp – plan the educational experience. After the larp they evaluate the learning experience.

The Gimle Larp is the biggest event of the year for HFA and lots of our activities the rest of the year is a preparation for this great collaborative festivity of adventure, social experiment, acting, music, dancing, handicraft and enjoyment of storytelling and nature.
The location is on the west coast of Sweden close to the sea. The farm has 12 hectare of property and a 100 hectare forest adjacent. The area is divided into an OFF area with a main house (where people live) and many sheds (where people live) and a social food garden. There are some fields and sheep.
The IN area is about 7 hektar, it contains rocky hills, fields, forest, a few ponds. But most of all it contains some 20 structures that creates a fantasy land. It starts with the village Gimleby, (that is part of the farms: Blacksmith, handicraft area, fire dungeon, Tavern, storage (merchant)) all built with an intention of looking medieval (or at least 1800´s).

One of our dry toilets
The OFF area
Our tavern
Nope… this is a larp for adults mainly. Weapons only for 13 years and older.
BUT children are welcome to take part of non-violent intrigues.
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