So, you want to come to next GIMLE LARP 13th – 16th of July 2023? Great! We are looking forward to playing with you!

Follow these simple 7 steps :

–> SVENSKA och Skandinaviska spelare / registrera er här. <–

1) Register (international players)

International players (outside Scandinavia, must be 18+ years of age) register here: International Registration

Click the link and fill in the questions. After that, both you and us can start thinking about which group that would fit your desires the best and start solving things such as: what role to play, costume, sleeping and eating.

Remember: to join Gimle you need to be a part of a group – either you join an open faction (best for beginners) or you and your group of friends take over an inactive faction or propose your own.

By registering you agree to the following:

  • I have read “the rules” and I will follow them.
  • I have read the ‘’game mechanics’’ that are applicable to my role and I will respect them.
  • I take part at my own risk, and I will be responsible for my own safety and my own belongings.
  • I will respect the LARP’s equipment and other players’ belongings.
  • I will never leave a fire unattended.
  • I will not cut down any tree, or any bush, or break any living branch or destroy any stonewall (digging is allowed).
  • I will not pee into or close to any ponds (they are a part of the drinking water system).
  • I will not use any modern materials that can be seen.
  • I will not OFF inside the game area.
  • I will not leave my camp after the larp without cleaning it.
  • I will respect other players’ integrity.
  • I will not role-play with sexuality in the game. Instead I will only use sex mechanics.
  • I understand that the organizers can remove me from the LARP if I break any rule (without being given any reimbursement).

2) Wait for the reply (we need to process your information)

Keep in mind that we are an eco-community, not a commercial LARP company, meaning your confirmation will take some time to process. We might contact you with some questions. Only after, you will get confirmation and proceed to pay the fee.

3) Pay the fee (when asked, after receiving confirmation)

Fees for international players.
Early Bird LARP ticket:
50 EURO (if paying before 31st march)
Normal ticket: 70 euros
Donation ticket: 100 euro or more: to help us keep student prices option and increase quality.
-20 euro (deduct): Students, unemployed, low wage
– 5 euro if you filled in 2022 evaluation

You will get 7 euro IN-game money to buy snacks from certain establishments.

LARP kit rental: 35 EURO (VERY simple rentals & limited choice of factions to play in – to be announced).
50-60 euro for more advanced outfit. Larp equipment will be sold on site.
Bring black larpish boots/shoes.
Sleeping space in a tent: 35 EURO (5 days Tuesday-Sunday). Bring a sleeping bag.
Nearest bus station: Bokenäs skola, 5 km from the LARP area, pick up: 4€ fee.

Come earlier / leave later: you can come already on Sunday afternoon and stay as long as Monday after the larp. But you will have to pay 18 euro per day extra for food and a place in a tent. Pay in advance.

Once you paid – there will be no refund (only if organizers cancel the event).

Food cost (breakfast-lunch-dinner)
Main tavern: 4-7-10 euro. Meat/vegetarian/vegan options (also glutenfree at times)
Golden Goose: 3-5-7 euro
Giant & midget: 2-4-6 euro


IBAN: SE0550000000051801023085
Account holder: Gimle Lajv

Remember to write your name and what you pay for!

Julia Smith:Ticket-Kit-Tent
David Rose: Discounted Ticket-Tent
Max Black: Ticket- Kit


  • Waterstations: 4
  • Drinking water in the OFF game area under the red house.
  • Dry toilets: 5 (in the IN game area)
  • Firewood that can be bought with IN-money (for the sake of trade and realism).
  • Tarps and roofs and fantasy buildings.
  • 2-3 kitchens to buy food from.
  • A merchant that has some OFF and IN things.
  • An intrigue for your group.
  • Maybe NPC´s that makes your experience better.
  • A full fantasy lore / history.
  • Some quests that anyone can solve.
  • IN leaders and game leaders that are active in the game.
  • Help with integrating into a group.
  • Summary of rules and group intrigue, both before and on arrival.
  • You will get IN-larp coins to an IN value of about 7 euros (Not for buying food) (under 13 years of age will get less).

Remember: registration is only final after you have paid the fee. It is NORMAL to get no confirmation – if something is not ok, we will contact you about it.

As we come closer to the larp you will get a confirmation e-mail that sums everything up.

Congratulations! Start preparing! Don’t worry, if something is not right, we will contact you about it.

4) Connect with other players & your faction/group

Join the FB group
Click here:  Facebook
It is the only official channel for GIMLE communications (and also e-mails)

Join faction
You will receive contact information of the faction leader and they will receive yours. If you do not receive any news after a while, contact them.

5) Continue to prepare

Continue working on your: role, costume, sleeping arrangements etc.
Refresh your memory: read the rules, mechanics and practical again.

  • No long hard calimacil weapons. No shields that cover both knee and shoulders. Read more in the rules.
  • No one under 13 years of age can carry weapons.

Do the quizes to make sure you are read up on everything!

  1. For all:
  2. For all:
  3. For fighters:
  4. For magicians:

    Listen to the Lore of the world of Gimle and the Western Shores – here.

6) Receive your group’s intrigue

You get that right before the LARP start.

7) Join us on the LARP!

13th – 16th of July 2023

Hastekasen Farm Association,
Hastekasvagen 6
45196 Uddevalla
Sweden (EU)

100 km north of Gothenburg

See you!

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