What is Gimle?

Gimle is a low fantasy international community-based LARP happening deep in Swedish nature. Established in 2016 it is run by a group of passionate LARP designers and players developing its lore, rules and mechanics year after year. 


  • Medieval low-fantasy LARP
  • International
  • Beginner friendly
  • Strong group identity and objectives
  • Opt-in & consent based
  • Lots of boffer fighting
  • Restricted and easy magic play
  • Political & social game
  • Cultural play
  • Zone LARP & simple mechanics
  • Inclusive & respectful atmosphere
  • Recurring every July full moon (not 2023)
  • Permanent infrastructures
  • Nature
  • Participatory & community based

Gimle LARP is a participatory initiative of those who cherish Adventure in Nature, which is why this location-based LARP takes place at the eco-farm Hastekasen Farm Association. The 7 hectare game area has its own medieval fantasy infrastructure spread around the forest – new appearing every year. 

We are an international community mainly using the English language. Although majority of the players are Swedish, we also have people coming from Slovenia, Greece, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands and many other countries, many of them coming back every year. For 6 years we have been successfully joining regular LARP game with educational projects (such as Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and ESC) which are using EDU-LARP methodology to boost leadership, personal development and key competences. Project participants are not only attending the LARP but also going through carefully designed educational programs adjusted to their needs, which have been due to the positive feedback of hundreds of players approved for another year. Due to the experience we gain from such activities, every player coming to the Gimle LARP can enjoy an increasingly safer environment supported by pre-game workshops, debriefings and an inclusive player community.

Gimle strongly encourages choosing one’s own adventure. It is based on player consent, the freedom of opt-in/opt-out and has different game zones so players can narrate their experience. Although it’s beginners friendly larp with a significant representation of families and teenagers it also offers a variety of opportunities for experienced players. Valuing a participatory approach we are open for players’ initiative and ideas integrating them into our setting and vision. 


Choose your own experience.

It is you who decides your own experience (and also lets others choose their own). No one should force anyone else to do anything. You should always be able to choose not to be exposed to e.g. magic, combat, touch, kidnapping, knocking unconscious etc. Always give your (IN-game) opponent a choice to choose. Your character dies only if you decide to allow it.

What you see is what you get.

Gimle is low imagination or low fantasy meaning we only allow those fantasy expressions that can be convincingly embodied. In practice this means we have limits on what fantasy races and magical abilities you can play.

Clearly definable groups.

Every player should belong to one of the groups and every group is required to have visual uniformity. Being a beginner friendly LARP it is important to be able to quickly understand which group someone belongs to. This way each of the groups can also get intrigue connected to the main narrative. 

Plenty of battles.

We aspire to have plenty of opportunities for combat supported by a healing system (3-6 HP). Our healing times are short (1-3 hours) and fighting rules are fairly simple.

Player empowerment. 

We value diversity – but with it comes responsibility. That is why we value transparency, appreciate managing expectations and have a safety system. Check the sections of Safety Design and Disclaimers (under Rules). 

Immersion is key. 

Gimle LARP lasts for 3 days and strives for all around immersion. We prefer if most players sleep IN and are therefore always IN character. Besides the big IN area we also have an extensive OFF area called “South” where you should go if you want to do anything that does not fit into our fantasy world.

Respective and inclusive community. 

Our vision is a community based on mutual respect, consent and inclusiveness in which players feel safe to play, experiment, be curious and explore. We are LGBTQ+ friendly. 


LARP or Live Action Role-Playing is a game where you physically portray a character you created for a fantasy world. There are many different styles of LARP. In Gimle players gather and with the help of organizers and NPC (supportive characters there for your enjoyment) create narratives together. These turn into adventures your character can experience as if it was real life – it’s a simulation of a real world.

“Interactive illusion”

LARP can be described like stepping into a movie – everything around you that you see fits into this fantasy world all the players are creating together. The big difference is that everyone and everything around you is there to be interacted with and that you have no script – meaning you are free to do whatever you think your character might be up to. Yes, it is somewhat like acting but there is no audience, only fellow players that partake in the game same as you. Together we create an illusion of a given world filled with interesting and colorful characters. There is no winning the game – we play to create stories.

“How to play”

Every game has rules and LARP is no exception. In LARP there are two different types – rules and mechanics. Rules contain do’s and don’ts and describe what is and what isn’t allowed. An example would be touching another player without their consent. Mechanics explain how the things that make our fantasy world unique work. Examples would be everything from using magical spells, to healing, trading, having a quick player-to-player discussion and fighting. This builds towards the uniformity of the illusion of a world.

“IN vs OFF”

When you are in the game area (also called IN-game) you should always be IN your character and thus refrain from using items that do not belong into the medieval fantasy world (phones etc.). If you want to do anything that does not fit into our fantasy world you should go to the OFF-game area. Eating and sleeping is usually a part of the acting, a part of the life of your character.


Our Gimle is an original nordic style fantasy world loosely inspired by Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones. Every July’s full moon most nations of the known world migrate to the small region of Gimle in order to conduct their Full Moon Ritual. It is said that the magic here is the strongest and the Gods listen to you the most. Whatever happens during these days resonates far into the representative’s homelands. During the Gimle trade days you can have an impact on the history itself and the intrigues lasting for the next year. You work with your group, trade and negotiate with other groups. You make alliances and you fight. You discuss politics and religion and also do cultural events involving singing, dancing, rituals and handicraft. Maybe you can even have a job or services for others and earn a silver. You can not die but can get severely hurt which means you must rest and get healed. 

Gimle is a 3 day English speaking LARP with more than 200 people involved. It is a so called Nordic LARP but has some “gameistic elements” and battles. “Nordic” style means we try to make it as real as possible… so that it feels real and we can get very involved and emotional. 


LARPing might seem daunting or scary – but we assure you it’s actually super fun and can be simple. All of us have started as beginners and have learned and grown throughout participating in such events. For many of our players Gimle is the first LARP they will go to in their life so you rest assured you won’t be the only one. Even an experienced larper can tell you that larping can sometimes even after many years still be a bit of a challenge, depending on what and how much you expect from yourself. So take it easy, aim to have fun, connect with fellow players, explore and all will be well!  


  1. Tell us that you are interested. Send an email or rather fill in the application of interest. Don’t worry about receiving confirmation – it will take some time. 
  2. Book the dates 12-17 July 2023. Read PRACTICAL so you get to know our camping atmosphere. 
  3. Read about what LARP is and how it works. Understand what the genre fantasy/medieval is and how it looks like.
    Read our rules and game mechanics.
  4. Do the quizzes – Basic quiz Lore quizz Fight quizz Magic quizz Artifacts quizz
  5. Read about the different game groups and suggest one that you want to play in. Start thinking about what role your character will have in the group. Take a look at some character design tips. Join your group’s FB discussion – you will get connected. 
  6. Get a sleeping bag, camping mat and decide if you are going to sleep inside the game area or outside the area (understand the difference).
  7. Get some dark boots and decide if you are going to make your own costume, buy one or rent one (if possible). In any case it should fit the faction you are playing in. 
  8. Pay the participation fee (when asked).
  9. Once the intrigues of your group are available read them and start talking about them with your group members (you will get connected).
  10. Arrive early, check-in on the location and start preparing the site, take part in the pre-LARP workshops and the information meeting.

Want help building your character?

If you want to know more about how to build your character then just click the button to go to the guide!

Character Creation 101

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