Overview of the Gimle LARP factions

Our story takes place in the lands of Gimle, a small region that has become a melting pot where factions from all over the known world come to; meet, collaborate, debate, fight and scheme against each other. The Gimle lands owe this doubtful honor to being the center point between its bigger, more ambitious neighbors.

An overview of Gimle factions and availability:

  • Open = anyone can join
  • Closed = only friends of the group members can join
  • Active = the group will come to next Gimle
  • Inactive = will not come to next Gimle, or not enough players to fill the group (7+ players)

Factions that visit the famous Gimle Trade Days


The civic center of the Gimle region is Gimleby, a bustling village with its own post office, merchant and blacksmith, as well as a magnificent tavern run by twin cooks. It’s generally accepting of all walks of life and only closes its colorful doors when under attack.
Good group for beginners of those that wants to avoid magic and too much fighting.
Handicrafters, council members, guards & scouts, merchants.
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  • Gimleby Guard (Click Here)
    Law and order in the village. – Open for all.
  • Merchant House – Closed.
  • Gimleby Postal Service – Maybe open, Active.


The guild of knowledge and magic. – Open for all, but magic is limited.  Click Here

Golden Empire

Warriors from the East serving the Golden Empress. – Open, active. Click Here


Mix of Norse/ Westmark. – Closed, active. Click Here

Shadow Rangers

Outcast, scouts of the forest. – Open for all. Click Here


To the west of the Gimle region you’ll find the proud Westmark Kingdom, recently renamed to Westmark Empire, home to an ever changing number of noble houses, all squabbling to take the coveted throne of Westmark for themselves. The current four are the crimson colored house of Griffin, the fierce and politically savvy faction led by Queen (or perhaps just a regent, depends on who you ask) Daniella, the blue Stonecrown, proud and stalwart to a fault, led by the general Gilbert who holds the throne until the last of the house line becomes of age, the scheming nobles of house Lilja, dressed in finieries of green and white and the lesser known but once again strong house of Wolvenshield, whose monarch Gabriel currently holds the throne of Westmark, attempting to unite the rest.

  • Wolvenshield (Click Here)
    “The pack triumphs” – Maybe open, active.
  • Griffin (Click Here) 
    “High we fly!” – Open, active.
  • Stonecrown (Click Here)
    “Never betray the trust of those you protect” – Maybe open, active.
  • Lilja (Click Here)
    – Open, inactive.
  • Oakenhelm (Click Here)
    ”Honour & God” – Open, inactive.


General inspiration from classical vikings. There exists three possible groups to be part of. The norse from Boradal village is a private/closed group. Dangafyr is the main norse city down south, but has so far sent no representatives to Gimle and the full moon ritual.

The main group to join is the Baldersheim Norse group. They have a nice spacious camp with a restaurant close to the battlefield. Suitable group for beginners.

  • Dangafyr – Click Here
    The largest Norse village in the Norselands. – Inactive, but open.
  • Baldersheim – Click Here
    Norse village with warriors. – Open for all.
  • Wolves – Click Here
    Violent norse religion fanatics. – Inactive, but open.
  • Boradal – Click Here
    (closed group)

Fantasy Races

  • Elves – Click Here
    Elves of the forest and treehouses – Open but inactive. Experience needed.
  • Dwarves – Click Here
    Stubborn, industrious, warriors and tradespersons. – Open but inactive. Experience needed.
  • Hobbits – Click Here
    Barefooted, peaceful and family oriented. – Open but inactive.

Other Groups

  • The Kumo Clan – Click Here
    A group inspired from Feudal Japan samurai warriors. Open and active.
  • Temple of Modron – Click Here
    Priests, servants and holy knights of the faith of Deomodron. – Maybe open.
  • Nomads – Click Here
    Outcast, travelers, artistic. – Maybe open.
  • Clanlands – Click Here
    Dothraki type warriors. – Open, but inactive.
  • Alatarian – Click Here
    Medieval merchants and soldiers. – Open, but inactive.
  • Dark Forces – Click Here
    The forces of Borgorth & Elanthir. – See page.

Start your own Faction

Ambitious groups, new underdogs or threats to be feared? There is room for all.
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Work behind the scenes to build and experience for all. Special roles and fun secretes await.
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