Create New Factions

If you do not want to join one of the existing factions that is open for new members there is an option to form your own faction. It will take dedication from you and negotiations with the organizer. At the moment we do not accept any groups of “price hunters” or general mercenaries, unless you are affiliated with a faction. One of the cornerstones of the Gimle concept is that each player must belong to a group that is easily identifiable. All groups must have a connection to a place on the map. First you could instead reawaken one of the sleeping groups described. You can not create a fully new nation on the map.

To form a new group it is necessary to contact the organizers by phone or email. 

We heavily suggest looking at the currently “hibernated” factions to see if one of them seems fun.

Keep in mind new factions have the following requirements:

  • You need enough dedicated members, starting at 7.
  • You need a clear identifier and colors that separates you from all other groups. Faction members must be recognizable. (could be as simple as a big necklace, a piece of colored cloth tied on the arm, a hat e t c)
  • Your faction needs a backstory and a place of origin on the world map, read the Lore of the known world. Decide a nation/village on the map from which your “gang” originates.
  • You need a dedicated contact person – group leader.
  • You need to choose an ingame leader( does not have to be the same person)
  • You need approval by the organizers for your idea.
  • There must be a leader that is 18 year or older. You must be 13 year or older to take part in battles and only under the command of an adult group leader.

If you want to play a SOLO character that is not tied down to any faction in any way you can, but you need to contact the organizers by phone or email to discuss how that works. In most cases only NPC’s or very experienced players are allowed to be solo characters.

The organizers aim is to fulfill the vision of the Gimle larp and stay true to the genre and reach a certain quality of the whole event.

Data needed to create a new group

  • Name of the faction
  • Slogan/motto  – if any
  • Is your group open/closed for new members?Level of experience needed – can beginners join your group?
  • What type of play/scenes your group is looking for.

    Expected playstyles:
    battle, magic play, political, social, trade, music, handicraft, (adventure should be with all factions), dance, trickery, poison, politics.
  • Inspiration: (from the real world)
  • Colors, costume & visual traits:
  • Religion:
  • IN leader:
  • Possible roles: 
  • Political structure:
  • Map: origin on map, what village/city do you come from
  • Last year’s events:
  • Current challenges:
  • Lore:
  • Faction culture: songs, games, sayings, some other (examples: how do we earn money, how do we go to war, how religious, family tree,…)
  • Faction history (origin in long timeline, …) and how this place came to be
  • Hints for making play in the future (boradal murdered your mayor, liljas treated you bad, establish homeland, … etc.)
  • OFF leader/contact person.

We suggest every group has an IN-role dealing with your nation’s/groups.

  • Finances and armies. “Treasurer”, “master of coins”
  • Land ownership and trade items. (Could be the same as the Treasurer).
  • History of the nation (and what happens in the Larp – document it)
  • Ambassador in charge of relations with other groups.
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