Fighting rules


LARP combat is fun but it also needs to be safe, epic and just… so read this section well. 


To accommodate different play-styles Gimle LARP is separated into 2 zones: the northern and the southern zone = roughly separating into area above and below the Battlefield.
MAGIC – During the day, magic only works in the northern area including the Academy, Nifelheim and Elven camp.
After 21:00 magic works everywhere, also on Battlefield, in Westmark and in Viking camps, and all other camps.
Artifacts work all the time & everywhere. Keep the magic away from the village of Gimleby.
Avoid magic and fighting in the village of Gimleby (no surprise attacks at least).


You must be at least 13 years of age to fight under an adult supervision leader; 16+ can fight without supervision.
You must at all times adhere to the rules and mechanics described here.

Larp fighting workshop

In Gimle we have three different types of fighting: improvised, pre-arranged and camp attacks. 

  1. Improvised fighting – are fights which are not planned. It is the most common way of fighting and it is very important you keep to the rules and mechanics.
  2. Pre-arranged fighting – sometimes you can plan a fight with someone in advance. It is not a very common way but is known to be used for creating epic fights for others to see. Details are discussed beforehand between all the involved parties which is why some rules can get bent for that specific fight upon agreement. Examples: amount of HP is bigger, fighters wrestle etc.
  3. Camp attacks – there are special rules for that. Attacks including more than 3 people has to be announced at least 30 minutes before so the players can prepare and we all have fun with the scene. Especially for Gimleby!

Fighting rules: 

  • You are not allowed to hit the head, the neck, groin or breasts.
  • You are not allowed to stab.
  • You are not allowed to throw things
  • You are not allowed to attack or hit with your shield.
  • You are not allowed to touch your opponent.
  • No grappling or fist fighting. No tackling. (Unless you prepared and planned it together).

Fighting mechanics:

  • Everyone has 3 hit points (HP). Some supportive characters (NPC’s) or creatures can have more.
  • By wearing armor you can gain up to 3 extra HP, but can never have more than 6 HP altogether. Ask the organizers.
  • All weapons deal 1 HP of damage,  arrows deal 2 HP.

Counting hits:

  • Everybody has 3 hit points (HP) (some NPC´s can have more)
  • Armor can give max 3 extra. Nobody can have more than 6 HP.
  • The organizer will tell you how many extra hit points your armor provides.
  • Generally +3 for metal, +2 chain mail, +1 for leather, +1 for helmet.
  • Remember; maximum 6 points.
  • All weapons do 1 HP damage, except arrows that do 2 HP damage.
  • Even if they hit the arm, arrows do 2 HP.
  • Do not count hits on illegal places.
  • Do not count more than 1 hit per second.
  • If hit, act like it hurts.
  • If you hit your opponent, step back and let them act upon the injury.
  • ACT upon injury!
  • Count your own HP, don´t count your opponents.
  • NEVER go OFF during fights. Never complain about HP cheating.
  • Report HP cheating to Grey cloaks (have a witness).
  • Hits on shields do not count.
  • Archers can shoot volleys and long distances on the Battlefield.
  • On the battlefield you may get an arrow in your face by mistake.
  • If you get an arrow in your face when not on battlefield – then report the archer to the org – “Grey cloaks”.

Safety when fighting

Break these rules – and you may be thrown out of the larp.

You may only attack with your weapon, NOT with shield, NOT with your body. You may not engage in any pushing or “fist fighting”.

Never start a “swordfight” in a place that is unsafe, where there are stones, sharp things, slippery stones, branches…. tease your opponent to join you on flat open ground.

Do not run uncontrollable through bushes and where branches may pierce your eye. You can break a bone if you run in unknown terrain.

  • Don’t hit like you want to hurt your opponent, YOU are responsible for your hits. A distinct marking should be your ambition.
  • Do not aim or hit the head/face.
  • Do not thrust your weapon.
  • Hit with an angle from the sides.
  • Only use weapons that the organizer has approved (No long Calimacil weapons)
  • Do not jump into shield walls.
  • Do not step on each other.
  • When you fall/die/act upon injury, stumble to the side and fall out of reach for the action.
  • If you are on the winning side, claim victory and then leave the battle area so that the injured opponent can stand up and limp away.

If your opponent is too ROUGH, too violent. Show the OFF sign and say “calm” or do the calm sign.

Behavior on the battlefield

  • Make it a nice scene worth watching (people ARE watching).
  • Make the fight last a long time, take time to back off and talk (insult your enemy?)
  • Count the hits YOU take, don´t count others.
  • Be a good winner, don’t boast and humiliate a fallen enemy.
  • Do not cheat, sooner or later you will be known as a cheater. You do not want to be known as a cheater.
  • You can not pretend to be hit and then stand up and continue fighting later.
  • Size of shields: they may not cover both shoulder and knee.
  • No one under the age of 13 may use weapons.

Weapons & armour

  • No throwing weapons.
  • No weapons with damaged tips.
  • No shields that are too big. They must not cover both knee and shoulder (so most likely no longer than 100 cm)
  • No long hard calimacil weapons (double hand swords).
  • No long hard weapons. You can swing spears with soft heads, low…. But never stab.
  • Generally we want bows to be reserved to elves and rangers and the occasional hunter.
  • Strength of bows no more than 26 pounds. Do not shoot aimlessly (unless group volleys in a big battle on battlefield),
    If you go to the battlefield accept you may get an arrow in your head.


What happens when you reach 0 Hit points? You can not die in the Gimle larp (unless you want to).

When you reach 0 HP you are severely wounded and unconscious.  Make sure you fall away from the battle scene.  Lay down – play “dead”. The winners of a battle must leave the scene as soon as possible, so that the injured can stumble away.

Keep acting on your injuries.

To kill a character

  • You can not kill a person and terminate that character. NO throat slicing!
  • Characters marked with a red cloth around the arm are ready to die.
  • But, a death must be spectacular and seen by many and add to the intrigue. Plan it well (together with the “victim”).


How do I heal? If you get injured in a fight you must do this:

  1. Go to a medical healer. 
    • Best is to go to the medic station.
    • They will put a bloody bandage on you.
    • When you visited the medical healer you are already up 1HP. The medic healer healed you 1 HP.
  2. Keep acting injured if you do not have all 3 HP back.
  3. After medic you will have to rest 1 hour per HP.
    You regain 1 HP per hour.
  4. After rest you MUST go back to the medic who removes the bandage.
    You are not allowed to remove the bandage yourself.
  • After medic you can go to a magician or priest or druid.
    Maybe they can heal you 1 HP
  • All magical healing must be done in either: academy, Nifelheim, or Elf camp (by elves).
  • All priest/shaman healing must be done in the religion’s shrine.
    (Nifelheim, cemetery…)
    • Maximum 1 HP.

Armor does not need rest, but you should be “taking care” of your armor after a battle.

Note: Get this ability by the organizers’ arrangements only, some healers may be more skilled or have special healing items. 

Can you heal by only resting?

Yes, but not if you are zeroed (0HP). If you have 0 HP you MUST go to the healer, medic.
If you only lose only 1-2 HP in battle you can CHOOSE to go to a MEDIC. You can also go to a druid, priest or mage.

General rule on healing

On the Battlefield, when zeroed, you imagine you are going to die, but afterwards it turns out it was not as bad as you thought, you were lucky. Do not speak by name of those  you “killed”, after the battle your enemy was just an unknown soldier/warrior of the enemy faction.

Attacking camps

Can you attack camps?
Yes, if being considerate. If more than 3 people, warn in advance. More play for everyone included. (Especially if you want to attack Gimleby, you MUST warn 30 minutes before in an OFF manner so no miscommunication can happen)

  • You can not bypass the Gimleby wall, you must pretend it goes all around the village. Gate lock is engineered to break more safely.
  • Do not attack tents, draw the fight away from the tents. Tents are OFF area.
  • Do not attack outside tents where people sleep.
  • Do not shoot arrows into camps.
  • Do not shoot arrows over walls (only Battlefield and maybe Westmark south gate)

Looting a camp
You are not allowed to open or even look into other people’s tents, it’s private. But you can steal things outside that are marked with the special red ribbon/tape and also firewood, smaller parts of visible food, maps, artifacts, and the camp banner (stolen banner is serious offence, consequences should follow). And you can steal IN-money.

You can move things around respectfully to show that you rioted the camp.

If you take anything else – it is considered theft and it could be reported to the police.

Magical weapons

Usually a weapon has its power once, the attacker will tell you what power the weapon has. When a person that has an approved power says ARKANA – you must stop, listen and obey them (or walk away if you are uncomfortable).

Magical weapons – that are offensive (marked also with blue) Works ones a day, ones a night per person.

  1. The Great Orc Warhammer (shockwave on one person)
  2. Archmages staff (shockwave on a whole group, up to 5 people)
  3. Sledgehammer – the shield crusher (If it hits a shield – the shield must be dropped (ARKANA – I crush your shield).

    The following can not be used in battle (fights with many people).
  4. Sword of pain (pain 10 heartbeats)
  5. Sword of persuasion (makes someone very convincing, but with limits)

Magical weapons:

  • work in ALL zones in the Gimle world after 21:00
  • works twice per 24 hours, per user. (Once at night, once at daylight)
  • work like a spell and must be announced loudly with the word “Arcana” and a sentence narrating what power the weapon has.

More on Artifacts


You can knock someone from behind if they do not see you. You use the hilt on your weapon. Do this only in very specific cases when it is a very good story, and you know that the person is involved in such a game.

  • The knocked person must act unconscious for a few minutes.
  • The knocked person must give away their “red marked” items – that can be stolen.

If you are uncomfortable with being knocked, just show OFF sign and walk away.

You must NOT touch other players. If you have time, you can tell an injured / knocked that you take time to look in different places.
You SAY you’re looking. The person must then leave over everything that is stealable.


You MUST ask if the person is OK with being kidnapped and for how long. Make it fun / interesting for them.

The Greycloaks

A new addition to the LARP – these cloaked figures are Game Masters there to oversee battles and offer support to players when needed. They can be seen roaming around the whole Gimle area throughout day and part of the night.

When you are IN-character treat them as unimportant background figures, someone you would not approach. They are non-intractable meaning you can not attack them or roleplay with them as character. You can however approach them as a player.

They are there to oversee mechanics, clarify confusion and answer questions you might have. Their word is rule.

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