Other Human Groups

Open = anyone can join
Closed = only friends of the group members can join
Active = the group will come to next Gimle
Inactive = will not come to next Gimle, or not enough players to fill the group (7+ players)


Open (restrictions) – Active

“I am the one that finds a way”

Did you ever want to be Aragorn’s little brother or sister? Well join the Shadow Rangers of Gimle. But be warned – they are for real. They live and roam in a dense forest. They know all the paths of Gimle, they can move fast and unseen from one part of Gimle to the other. You will have to have and develop real “scout” skills. Rangers move in all weather and all times of day and night. Most of them will sleep IN.

Inspiration: Robin Hood / Dunedain / The black watch.
Costume: Hood, cape, bracers, short bow, white arrows (no armor).
Colors: Brown, green, black.
Religion: animists (does not like or understand magic)

Origin on map: They are looking for their old home in the north, but were settled for many 100 years in the mountain range between Saxion and Norse lands.
Camp: In the maze. “One does not simply walk into the maze”.

Last years faction history:
Shadow rangers arrived in Gimle in the year 6. They were met with lots of suspicion and treated like thieves and robbers. They did not take part in the full moon ritual, did not trade with anyone. They withdrew and hid north of the lonely tavern.

Background history (Lore):
The Shadow rangers are like a wandering tribe since the day they were driven out of their homelands. They seem to survive by hunting and some gathering. The rest of the story is secret.


Open – Inactive

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.”
– Kumo Matsumoto, Clan Founder

In a tiny secluded valley near the Golden Empire, lives the Kumo Clan, a peculiar bunch that looks unlike them as far as one can tell, even though they share common beginnings. Their religion is an animistic one that reveres various spirits present in every living thing,  but mostly the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Void Dragon. They are a deeply religious and highly  superstitious folk that like to live daily life as a set of formal and properly regulated rituals, all from the way they dress and walk, to the way they address each other and organize their social structure. For example, they have the really weird habit of always introducing themselves with their clan name first, followed by their actual name, and seem keen on using peculiar suffixes after their first names (and not many outsiders actually know why).

After falling out with the late lord’s regent, Tojiro, the heir to the clan, decided to wage guerrilla warfare against his adversary, ultimately earning the right to the throne and becoming the clan leader.

However, the constant infighting has weakened the clan, and forced Tojiro to do the unthinkable, and send a handful yet trusty retinue outside of the clan’s borders, hoping to establish alliances, trade routes, and connections, while avoiding the gaze of their mortal enemy, the Golden Empire.
While they have been successful in avoiding them for many many years (due to the location of their valley being unknown to all but them) their current predicament might pose a serious risk for the safety of the clan. Yet, that’s a risk that Tojiro’s more than willing to take.

Inspiration: Based on Feudal Japan, Edo era.
Colors, costume & visual traits: Hakama of dark colors (blue, black, etc) and Gi of a supplementary color, conical straw hats
Religion: Animist
IN leader: Kumo Tojiro

Expected playstyles: Politics, wandering, adventure, battle


Open – Active

Around the year -500 the religion of Deomodron emerged at an island in the great flow. The religion of Deomodron quickly challenged the pantheon of the 99 gods (the old gods). The support of the old gods had been in decline ever since the -1500´s when the Alatarian people’s uprising against the church of the 99. The history of the Temple of Deomodron goes back further. In the year -669 the twin hermits (sister and brother) settled on the island in “the great flow” and preached the word of “the one god” (Deomodron is not yet named) to any fishermen or disoriented sailors that land on the island. The fishermen start returning and bringing sacrifices (fish). More and more people start pilgrimage to listen to the charismatic preachers.

Today many 100 years later a temple has been built on the island and Deomodron is the most popular religion in: Saxion, Westmark and Alatarien.

The temple is the home of the arch-bishop of Deomodron, and also a place of pilgrimage for; priests, monks, nuns. The temple houses many 100 Deomodron holy knights.

Inspiration: Catholic church, faith of the seven, High sparrow
Colors: Anything with white and gold (Yellow, if need be). We have a few tabards for the group.
Roles: Priest/preacher, monk, nun, fanatic, missionary, bishop, holy knight, soldier of the Temple
Camp: So far, this potential group has no camp of its own. Members spread out in other nations trying to strengthen the position of Deomodron in each nation.

Map: South of the continent – in the middle of the Great Flow river


Open – Inactive

They are animists and mortal enemies of the more civilized Alatarian neighbor (Deomodron religion).
They hate and fear the ocean. They share ethnic ancestry with Golden Empire.

Colors: black, brown, skin
Background: The Clanlands are a land of nomad horse people (something like Mongols/ Dothraki). They have many tribes ruled by an overlord.
Religion: Animists
Regent: The over lord, the horse master.
Map: South-East, south of the Great Flow river.


Open (restrictions) – Inactive

From the small volcanic island at the mouth of the great flow… not many stories get out. Since the volcanic eruption on the year 0, no one except those with profound magical knowledge dared to approach the island. Even before the eruption, the rocky island without harbors was considered cursed. Some adventurers driven by curiosity set sails for the island and were never seen again. Some say it’s the home of a powerful mage.

Truth is, Burnt island is the home of a guild of magicians and those interested in science and the supernatural. A center of knowledge for both new and old knowledge. There is supposed to be a huge library in a castle disguised as a rock face.

The group most related to Burnt island is The Academy.

Map: Mouth of the Great Flow river.


Open – Inactive

Fanatic religious militant old Norse followers.
This year played by a young enthusiastic group that needs more players. If you are between 15 and 18 you may want to join this group.
Their secrets can be found here


Open – Inactive

Year -1020 Nomads – driven out (genocide) from Griffin lands, by Griffins.

Becomes a “traveling people”. Their origin is from Norse but formed their own culture since 1800´s and stayed behind when the Norse returned south (1760). Now they are spread out in a “diaspora”.

Main traits: Clothes made of patches
Colors: many
Camp: new camp every night.


Open – Inactive

A rebel enclave emerges in no mans land on an island between Saxion and Golden empire (River Anglion). The island is rich with amber and a trading post as well as a liberal cultural city emerges. The culture is that of Golden empire (oriental) but the empress is considered a fraud and a dictator. Golden empire forces can do nothing since also Saxion claims this tiny island. A stalemate has emerged between the two superpowers all the while  Amber city flourishes and defectors from Golden empire flock here.

Costume and colors: Their clothing and culture is much like that in golden empire, apart from the amber stone that all citizens are wearing as a necklace.

Map: Island on river Wild. Free city between Saxions and Golden Empire.


Open – Inactive

A simple people of stone age level. Unarmed and peaceful. Comes to Gimle every full moon and does a wild dance ritual. They do not speak the common tongue and seem to have a very simple language. No one knows where they come from – it seems to be from the north – but there are no known human settlements in the north.

You can join this group on the ritual night (double role). It is also possible to form a permanent “Forest people” group.


Closed – Active

The merchant house in Gimleby is a hub for all trade and commerce in the Gimle region. It is the center of the merchants guild. The merchant house is rich and has a network of trade routes that goes all the way down to Honorad and to Westmark, sometimes even goods arrive from Alatarien and Golden empire. Not much trade goes north.

The merchant house is housed in what is also called the storage in Gimleby. It is run by an NPC force. It has both IN and OFF functions. You can not rob the Merchant house – it is an OFF place.

You can play a merchant – bring your own goods and sell it for IN money, even try to charge F-coins. If you play a merchant you can be involved in our trade system and transport some physical goods that the organizer has prepared.

All merchants in all groups should have a connection to the merchant house and the merchant guild.

Inspiration: Any venetian trade guild
Colors: Grey and yellow
Religion: Mixed

Origin on map: The merchant guild has many branches down south and west.
Camp: Gimleby

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Open – Active

Being an Outlaw can be a lonely life – your are not accepted in other nations camps. You must be ready to be caught, put on trial and be locked in for some time. The good part is that you are free people. No one finds their way to your camp to tax you.
You are loyal to your group but to no others. Each and every one of you have only money and adventure as motivation. You have little interest in the politics of the world, unless you can earn something. Some of you may even be cruel.

Remember: You can only steal items with RED ribbons or tape. Or messages, trade items, artifacts, maps – they will be marked red. Yu can also steal peoples RED coins. NOTHING ELSE.
If you have a person under control with your weapons, the person must give you stealable items. You may not touch them – but you can say “I search you” and if there is time – they must give you their steal able things. You can ask a person: can we kidnap you. If they say yes you can take them back to your camp and try to negotiate a ransom for them. You can not tie them for real, only fake tie them with hands in the front. And you must ask how long they want to be kidnaped. Make sure they have “fun” when they are kidnaped.
Robbing and kidnapping will probably not be enough to do – so you cane also be “sell words”.

Inspiration: Robin Hood by darker and less honorable.
Colors: Black and black and maybe a little brown. (Do NOT wear bracers, too much green, too many bows) One must NOT mistake you for rangers.
Religion: Mixed, but make sure you ARE religious.

Origin on map: From all over the world – make sure your character knows their family history.
Camp: Dol Guldur.

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